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  1. did you get to the bottom of this issue, my new machine does this, windows 10
  2. My hyperspin is set to auto start, never had any issue other than i`ve noticed if i have no internet i.e my router is off or i take my machine to my friends house, hyperspin starts up but non of the controls work. Its lost focus and a quick press of the left mouse button gets the controls working. This only happens if no internet is present. Almost like windows steels focus but if i alt tab out there is no error message displayed in windows, either on the screen or in the system tray. Anybody had this issue???
  3. Thanks. Didnt explore the startup shutdown issue any more...I just select quit in emulation station wait a few seconds after the screen goes off the turn the power button off on the back.. Boots up when power button turned back on..
  4. Are the pictures working there not showing up on my phone. Look like broken links???
  5. I'm not sure sorry. The normal ipac comes with a programme on the PC. Think it's called winipac. I use that to programme the buttons
  6. I was referring to the ipac when they have individual grounds for player 1 side and player 2 side, I'm not sure if the actual grounds are common to each other though, then it wouldn't matter. Open or closed refers to normally open I.e not pressed and normally closed I.e held down always pressed. You have both options on micro switches hence the 3 connection per switch.
  7. I think the wheel png files should work but if there is a swf animation in same folder with same name that will take presidence...
  8. Was it as painless as just changing the exe. I'm tempted but have put 100's of hours in getting setup right. Not sure if it's worth the risk...
  9. Just play about with sme carboard cutouts, until you get the shape and design you like..
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