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  1. I think the wheel png files should work but if there is a swf animation in same folder with same name that will take presidence...
  2. Was it as painless as just changing the exe. I'm tempted but have put 100's of hours in getting setup right. Not sure if it's worth the risk...
  3. Just play about with sme carboard cutouts, until you get the shape and design you like..
  4. Hi What directory do we find these on the FTP.. Thanks
  5. I have a strange issue thats just started. If i leave my hyperspin for a few minutes it goes into attract mode. Its fine for about 10 minutes but eventually just ends up choosing the same wheel all the time. The wheel will spin and land on turbo GFX 16 every time. Anybody else had this issue....
  6. Cool... I like those speakers, where did you purchase these...
  7. Very neat. I don`t think i`ve ever seen those pin and camlock fittings used before.. Did you use a cnc to cut your pieces...
  8. Cant help you with a file sorry, but there is loads of printing websites that you could send the file to and have printed on whatever material you want...
  9. It's ok guys. Was a simple one. Windows media was set to autoplay so when demon tools mounted it would start...
  10. I`m only asking this here as i`ve noticed most questions on rocket launcher forum go unanswered. So when i run say turbo gfx cd games ive noticed that the first game works great, then the second game some sounds don`t play. If i exit out of hyperspin there is a windows media window open, that was being used by the emulator. How can i get this to close after every game.. Cheers
  11. If you've ruled out hardware. I.e it still does it with a keyboard then it can only be the software...
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