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Retroarch controller issues - Nvidia Shield


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Hi folks,

I've tried to read as much as I can on this subject, but I've now started going round in circles.

I'm having what appears to be a standard problem with Hyperspin and Retroarch. Whilst I've set up my config (16:9, and controller setup) in Retroarch independently, when I load Hyperspin all of these settings are overwritten and it appears to load a separate config file which defaults everything. For info, I'm running a stable build of Retroarch 1.5.0.

If anyone's able to help (in very newbie laymen terms) with resolving this I'd be really grateful. I've read a load of stuff about overrides and core controller settings but it seems to be written in a language I have difficulty understanding! I'm kind of at the point where I might just go back to my regular old emulators, but I desperately want to get Hyperspin working as it's such a polished front end.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Steve 

i will try to break it down and hopefully I'm reading your issue correctly.

i think you posted about the dual config problem in another thread if not take a look at this 

When you launch retroarch from Hyperspin it will use the retroarch.cfg found in the inaccessible (unless your shield is rooted) root directory data/data. This retroarch.cfg has all of its directories for configs, remaps, shaders overlays.....everything. set to the root directory which is totally different to the one used by retroarch when you launch it from Shield home screen. Theoretically they are the same place it's just android OS permission problems!!


once you have aligned everything as described in the dual config trick to point both of the retroarch.cfg directory settings at the exact same folders then all your settings will be accessed and saved from Hyperspin launches games and standard retroarch launched games.

the one issue is you will have to maintain your retroarch.cfg settings in both HS launched and RA launched scenarios.

Quickly on overrides here's the rough structure 

retroarch.cfg = master settings you setup at 1st launch

core overrides = changes to the above settings specific to the core used

(launch a game and change the video aspect ratio - go to Quick Menu - save core override. When you launch a game using that core the retroarch.cfg aspect ratio will be overridden by the core override)

game overrides = same as above but will override your settings on a game basis


fyi there are a few settings like Hotkeys that cannot be overridden but it's fairly rare those become an issue.

some overrides won't save from the menu but you can add them manually to the text based override files find in you configs folder

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