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HyperPin & HyperSpin Interoperability


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I'm quite new to the emulation scene generally, and to HyperSpin.  I'm just now setting up a hyperspin system for a cabinet I have ordered.

I saw in a video one hyperspin setup that had a pinball option in his systems wheel.

So, I have a few questions, and I appreciate any guidance.

1. s hyperpin a completely different front end than hyperspin? Or can I run a pinball system out of hyperspin just as I can any console system?

2. Does hyperpin use emulators to recreate certain manufacturers/systems, or does it just use programs made to run pinball games specifically for PCs? 

3. I've seen a handful of pinball programs (Visual Pinball and Future Pinball seem to be popular).  What is the best program/emulator to use?

4. Are roms interchangeable between the different programs?

Thank you for your help, and I apologize for the very basic nature of my questions. 

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HyperPin is currently different and it's designed for homemade pinball cabs but you can still have pinball setup in your HyperSpin. AFAIK HyperPin uses the same roms/emus it just has more options for a wider variety of screens and LEDs to make the experience authentic.

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if you want a more detail response

1.  HyperSpin is designed for single monitor upright arcade,  it can support most if not ALL of the program exes you throw at it.  if you got a Pinball Cabinet,  HypeSpin is not your best option,

its not even your second best option, because you will need a 3rd party program to display backglass artwork as you scroll through your tables.

HyperPin is designed to run on a 2 monitor Pinball Cabinet, it has native support for 2 monitors.  


2.  HyperPin is a front end that CAN run emulators,   You need to learn how to run all the Virtual Pinball programs before you attempt to run them in ANY Front End.  Or you will get frustrated and want to trash and burn your cab before you even start to enjoy it.

In all honesty HyperPin is so outdated and you should not be using it,  their is another Pinball Cabinet front end Called  PinballX.   You should consider using this over HyperPin.


3.  Their are currently 4 options for you to play pinball tables.  I'm a bit byass since I'm a visual pinball author but

- Visual Pinball is far ahead of any virtual pinball program

- Future Pinball,  this tables look great but physics on this tables could use ALLOT!!! of work.  The ball moves like its covered in molasses.

- Pinball FX2:  

-the Pinball Arcade:  this is a commercial release of classic tables.  I personally don't like them because they don't offer authentic Arcade experience.


4. NO

this is one of the reasons why I prefer Visual Pinball over future Pinball,   

Visual Pinball runs on the original hardware found on pinball tables,   it emulates the roms found in the Pinball Machines.


Future Pinball does not use roms or an emulator,  all the logic is done by the built in script found on the table.

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