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.PSD or High Reso png / jpg file for Vewlix Marquee ?


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I'd totally avoid jpeg, never liked it. Basically it's a choice between awful compression/good quality or awful quality/good compression. I really like .png, a good compromise, but printer services usually hates .png.

If you are using photoshop the best choice, probably, is .psd (merge all layers before saving) but, again, not everyone accept .psd.

Lots of printing people like .pdf. pdf is actually good IF in photoshop you merge all layers, select .zip compression (basically you ends up with a zipped .tiff) and set the correct dpi.

While making graphic set PS document at last at 300 dpi (remember photoshop do NOT support vector graphic, only vector masks) and if you' are going pdf make a clear statement its's a 300dpi and it must be printed a 300 dpi (i had some problems with some prints that seemed printed at 75 dpi)

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