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Joy2Key Error when launching Game

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Hi all,

Keep kicking myself in the head over this error. Trying to setup a cabinet with XinMo controls. Joy2Key is controlling the movements. Everything looks good except when launching a game get the error. You are using KeyMapper support but are not up to date with JoyToKey or cannot find JoyToKey.ini. I have read the forums and tried removing the Read Only switch. Can't remove it. Also tried placing the ini and exe in a ProgramData folder. Still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated. I was using KeyPadder before but heard that JoyToKey was better when using a XinMo controller board.

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The only thing I can think of is that you have at some point changed the location where JTK is installed/running from. You can try to delete the registry key if you are comfortable doing so:

1.- open regedit 






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