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  1. I can not speak of that particular company, but I used to use ebay for quite a bit of hockey card collecting. One thing to be aware of is that there is a time limit to how long you have to open a "dispute" on ebay. I fell for this one time, a user messaged me about a delay 2 or 3 times. What he was really doing was getting me past that date. How long ago did you place the order? Check the listing and see if still possible to open a dispute. I don't want to freak you out or anything, we all know shipping for anything has been spotty the past 2 years... but I use places like ebay just because of this sort of protection.
  2. Hyperlaunch and RocketLauncher are two different programs. RocketLauncher being the newer... so use it! You shouldn't be looking at Hyperlaunch for anything. You can probably just delete it.
  3. How is it that "guests" are allowed to post here? Can someone please update the permissions.
  4. Hello sloppy, Some things to think about: - I was under the impression that the full path to RL was always needed so I am surprised the one dot even "sort of" tries to work. - RL has NO installation so if it does in fact "work", then it's just a matter of making sure you update all the paths to your emulators/modules/3rd party apps... go through everything in RLUI! - All of this is really pointless if you are really using drive "C:\" though as it will NEVER be assigned as a USB drive! As a matter of fact I have learned over the years to install as little as possible to your OS drive. A crash/failure of this drive can make the "fix" a very time consuming affair. Whereas if you make your rig any other drive letter, you can quickly format, re-install Windows, .Net and Visual C++ packages and be back up in no time. - My approach is to simply setup using a letter higher in the alphabet. Something like "T" or above. This is likely a free drive letter on most systems. Then you only have to go to "Disk Management" 1 time when you first plug the drive in to any PC and Windows will remember it from that point forward. You are right though, this is one of the very few "hard paths" I have come across. Good luck!
  5. "LegacyMode" is for VERY old versions of Mame and not the correct way to get newer versions to "load". Something like .137 and older versions. So effectively what you are doing by setting that to "true" is disabling any/all newer features of Mame. That may be fine for some people but others will be wondering why they can't use official artwork "extras" properly, or why HLSL or something else isn't behaving the way it should. It's just NOT the proper way to setup. The official module that comes packaged with RL is fine for versions up to .211 You can find an updated module on the RL forums for any version .212 and higher. The issue you describe though, sounds like what happens when you have a "filter" set in HQ, but have not set a "rompath" and "extension" (do NOT set executable here, settings here are for populating the wheel only. All launching is done through RL)... or possibly a corrupt XML, or corrupt "theme".
  6. LegacyMode is for really OLD versions of Mame... like .139 and earlier. So while it may "work" in some way, what you are really doing is disabling any/all new features of Mame. Anyone using .212 and newer should grab the proper module from the RL forums: www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
  7. Module for .212 and forward found here: http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
  8. Hypersync will only work for platinum members.
  9. When I look at my installs it seems I have both the x86 and x64 of all redistributables. Not sure if that matters, just pointing it out: Also HS itself needs sxs.dll to run under windows 10: ...so maybe hypersync needs this file too??? Unsure because I am still win7 here. Other than that I am not sure what to say.
  10. Hypersync is working fine for me. As far as I can tell that error is from a MS Visual C++ DLL or COM not registered properly. I have the 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015-2019 C++ redistributables all installed.
  11. Need to make an HS profile just for initial start up:
  12. These things are handled by the "Theme" so if it's not showing then perhaps the theme is not made to do so from the creator? Options would be to download a new theme or maybe try editing it in HyperTheme. Just as an FYI if your editing/creating, there is no hardcore rule for which folder to use for which artwork. The only thing you may want to be aware of is that they are layered in order. So "Artwork2" will always be drawn over top of "Artwork1" and so on.
  13. Hyperlaunch is old and hasn't been used for a very long time. RocketLauncher is it's natural successor. The tutorial you linked for question #3 was specifically for setup with RocketLauncher so no wonder it doesn't work for you.
  14. Hi there! 1. Most of the time you have to tell RocketLauncher what you want even if already set in the emulator itself. You can do this by clicking the "Edit Global Module Settings" button: 2. Exit is also handled by RocketLauncher. It is set to "Escape" by default but this can cause issues with emulators that assign "Escape" to a different function. If you can change the function to something else in SNES9x then I would do that. If not, you can change the exit key in RL just for that system... or possibly all systems? Some people prefer not to use escape but I have always used it fine. Sorry, I am not familiar with the system in #3.
  15. hmmm, I don't run Amiga myself but something is not right. The "suspended frontend" should stay suspended until you actually exit the game. So it sounds like RL is closing at game start. Like it thinks you've exited the game soon as it loads.
  16. What's not clear to me (since I don't own a cabinet) is whether Xpadder/JTK are useful for the actual joystick directions. I assume they are analog only (not converted to keystrokes by ipac). Since HS seems to freak out with joysticks enabled, you may want to make a profile just for navigation within HS (up, down, left and right to say the direction arrow keys). If you are unsure what keystroke each button activates you can simply open notepad and start hitting buttons. I imagine ipac has some sort of software or config file that will list them also.
  17. Xpadder (and JTK) are for use with gamepads (xbox360, PS3) only. If you are running an actual arcade cab the buttons are already converted to keystrokes from your ipac.
  18. oooof, just noticed this is android forum, disregard previous post.
  19. Editing files by hand is usually a "last resort" sort of thing as it can be prone to errors. This is what RLUI is for. You can set which core, here is an example using NES: Use the magnifying glass icon and browse to the actuall dll. This prevents any typos that could occur.
  20. WinRar? If you must use compression, RL uses 7zip. You have 7zip set to "true" in RLUI? I am with Mackano32 though, this is the "old" way of doing things when HDD space was expensive. I now only use compression that is usable directly by the emulator like CHD or CSO. I have also moved more toward using RA whenever possible instead of individual emulators. So I am not sure about what settings are where in Demul itself. gpudx10 is only useful for Gaelco, gpudx11 is preferred otherwise. Is your video card so old it can't handle Direct X 11? Bottom line is that if they run in Demul itself, then you just need to set the module in RLUI to use all the same settings.
  21. Make sure games load and play in the emulators themselves before trying to add them to HS. If they do work and they are using gpuDX11 plugin in demul for example, you can set that here:
  22. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a preview of these (need to download to see the white outline though):
  23. Must be on your end, I just got it fine. Maybe try another browser.
  24. http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
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