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Mame List for Controls

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I got Don's Hyperspin Filter to limit the number of games displayed to those that I actually have (which is great).


Now I'd like to have a Mamelist.xls so that I know what controls it uses; I have an Extension Emulator Edition with a trackball and spinner. I want to create custom genres for Spinners and Trackball.

Everytime I try to do it, it gives me an error that it cannot create the mamelist.xls (Return Code 1).


Any advice?

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you can make one with Romlister


* Under Settings and tools

but you need 3 files

Mame listXML  -->  you can generate one from your MAME.exe

Controls.XML  --> list of games matched to the controls they use

Catver.lini. --> I believe this lists the genre/screen orientation  for each game.



nplayers.ini --> lists of number of players for each game


Unfortunately this files are no longer updated.  at least i cant find one for the latest MAME exe

(but I did not try very hard since I wanted it for a Retropie set up)

I have

Controls --> MAME 0 .140

nplayer -->MAME  0.172

Catver  --> not sure how old it is

nplayer --> MAME 0.172

I have attached my files,  

my files will work,  they will not fill in the needed Controller info on the games added after 0.140

I suggest you use your google powers to see if you can find  newer versions.


romlister support files.zip

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I forgot to mention this but


will also also build a list of the games you want( spinner/trackball only)

and output the list as a HyperSpin compatible XML.



if I was building a Trackball/Spinner only game list

I would open MAMEUI64 (the version I"m using)

list Trackball Games only

copy and past  the parent rom found on the trackball  list to a new folder

generate a new XML based on the roms I copied to a new folder


the controls list is not 100% accurate  -->  720 the skating game is listed as a track ball game and we both know that's not true.


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