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TV Resolution Help on newer PC


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Trying to sort something out and hoping someone here can help.

I have an older Arcade Emulator cabinet that was running MAME on an old PC.  I've now upgraded to a newer PC (w/ Win 10) and have put Hyperspin, Rocketlauncher, etc on this new PC and everything is working great.  

But when I plug it into my cabinet TV (via VGA) the resolution (frequency) is out of range.  

I get an initial boot screen where I see the Dell logo and everything is fine but then the monitor (TV) says '48.1 kHz/59.7 Hz  Freq out of Range.  Try other resolutions.'

I have a Geforce video card in there and tried creating a custom resolution (640x480, 50Hz) setting but that didn't seem to work.  I then removed the video card and went back to the integrated Intel Video Card.  No luck there either.

Have tried starting in 'Safe Mode' and in 'Low Resolution Mode' all with the same results.  I get the Dell logo so clearly it can handle the initial resolution.  But once the machine boots I get the msg above.  

Looking for any other ideas.


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This is likely not your problem, but may point you in a direction that will work for your situation. With that in mind, I had Windows 10 running 1080p with two Nvidia980GTX sli and hooked up to an old Pioneer Kuro Plasma through HDMI. No issues. 

Then I did the new Nov/Dec Creators update to Windows 10 and no video after the motherboard BIOS boot screen, immediately after the Windows update reboot. But I knew it was somewhat functional since it would auto-load Folding@home on startup and run my processor up the same as prior to the update. Thought that running a major OS update with a maxed out processor might have borked my install, but while troubleshooting, I switched from an HDMI input to DVI and both screens were recognized even though only the DVI was visible. Switched to a lower resolution on the HDMI and it became visible but with refresh rate issues (lag, mouse jumping, etc.). 

The major update had also wiped my Nvidia driver install out entirely and was running with the Windows generic WHQL drivers. Re-installed Nvidia drivers with same result. Visible video during BIOS boot, then black screen at 1080p. Only visible with refresh issues at 720p or through DVI. 

Only way to get back to original was to switch the (Nvidia Control Panel-Display tab-Change Resolution) Output Color Depth to "8" bpc. Default of "12" bpc but would return to problem with this setting. Since I always used the default setting previously, I am not sure if this is a new setting option, or a problem with the new Nvidia Driver and/or it's implementation in the last Win10 Creators update. Supposedly, 10 bpc has been available since Win8.1. I have seen increased complaints of issues after recent Windows 10 updates, including similar video issues. 

Who knows, but good luck.

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