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  1. @phulshof, without having looked at it yet, my supposition would be if you followed the following formula, most would be happy- full mame (arcade) set, minus "non-working/preliminary", minus "utilities", minus "electro-mechanical", minus clones, then add "clones to keep (from updated list on this post)". This with your usual "no casino, no mature, no mahjong, no quiz" variants should cover most peoples' needs and will be appreciated by those who don't want to use the auditing, renaming and xml tools to produce their own lists.
  2. wesfranks


    I'm probably completely wrong, but to my way of thinking, HyperSpin is simplistically a frontend depicting an audio/visual representation of systems and games before handing off to other middleware such as program launcher, emulators, keymappers, etc. Most people think they want an all-in-one solution that does it all, but if a specific task can (now or quite possibly in the future) be accomplished better by another program, how quickly will they want to integrate that into their workflow instead. Arguably, the most adaptable program for this purpose is not necessarily the frontend, but the "middleware" launcher for example, RocketLauncher. It does this so seamlessly, that people forget it is running in the background. Instead of chasing the frontend, I believe others should be trying to improve their launcher, hence the cry for updates. And with RocketLauncher as the objective, good luck with that!!! As to updates, I want my frontend to do less- not more. For me, like I said earlier, a frontend is all about the audio/visual experience. On my system HyperSpin still displays wheels, loads multiple layers of artwork, animates them and plays game videos beautifully. Hands off to RocketLauncher without a hitch. Does yours not work now? Ultimately, it is a decision whether you are a fan of the Artist Collective or a fan of the (forgive the term) Code Monkeys. And since the HyperSpin artistic style- wheels, boxart, game characters, logos, even entire video captures of themes, etc., etc., developed here appear to be making their way into other frontends, seems like a lot of people are still fans. And with RocketLauncher looming on the launcher side of things, truly, good luck with the code updates.
  3. I'll let Metalzoic chime in for a better tutorial (if he chooses), but for me when I edit the MAME XML in Don's HyperSpin Tools-Filter HyperLists, one of the things I edit out is the clones, so no need to check "Parents Only" in HyperHQ.
  4. Metal, don't fall for the old "what tricks do you have" trick!!!
  5. The Jedi mind trick did not work with this one. He is strong in the Force.
  6. I think there's alien technology involved.
  7. Ninja, there's video. Just check his forum. I was going to let the game go on, but since you are just a little excited.....
  8. hmm. what context? do I need a plug in my brain? oh, sh**!!! I didn't think that was it. cool. edited: due to stream of consciousness.
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