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Led Blinky and Pac Led64 help


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First of all let me apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong subsection 

Let me first explain what I want to do.....

I am building an arcade game cabinet and I would like to use LED Blinky for accent lighting, 
None of the buttons on my control panel will light up. LED Blinky does have one function I do want for MAME and that is, it announces the name of the game. This is something that I will incorporate into my cabinet.

In my game cabinet I have a jukebox program and I want to use LED Blinky for accent lighting using RGB tape light as seen below in my picture

In the next picture is how I want the RGBLED tape lights to be located

I think the setting “color intensity spectrum” will work perfectly for my cabinet. As the music is playing, the LED’s will create a “light organ effect”. The length of each LED rope light will be approximately 12 to 18inches long.

Now this is where I need your help, advice, and recommendations based on your wisdom!

1) What Led Board would you recommend based on my needs? I know that Ulitmarc Selsl two controllers The PAC LED 64 & the PAC Drive I am worried about the voltage needed to make three 18 to 24 inch RCG LED tape lights work. :badmood:

2 Will my idea work?  banghead.gif

I have been told that This will not work unfortunately. The PacLED64 has current-controlled outputs at 20 milliamps for one LED only and will not drive multiple LEDs on a strip.
if this is so, how does normal led light strips light?  

I am NOT very versed on electronics. I understand voltages/watts/ adapter polarity but please understand my electronic electrical knowledge is limited. :dizzy:

I have been searching for the answer to this question for awhile without any help and I am appealing to anyone who reads this please reply and give me some assistance on this project. Again let me express my sincerest thanks for you to take out your time and read this post.

An y and all help and suggestions would be appreciated...
THANK YOU!!!!!!! :



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6 hours ago, propdept said:

I am. But not sure if it will work

You could try contacting the owner of Groovy Game Gear (that is where I purchased my LED-Wiz boards) at his web contact us page:


I haven't ordered anything from him in a while, or exchanged emails, but when I did contact him in the past, he was quite helpful.

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