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  1. dragon57


  2. dragon57

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Thanks to everyone who worked so quickly to get this out to us. Kudos.
  3. dragon57

    Recommendations for a 4Tb HDD.

    It is hard to really ask these types of questions because everyone is going to have different luck with different brands. I have had horrible experiences with Seagate drives of all models. WD has been good here in all my servers. Having said that, Hitachi and Toshiba do seem to have better drives when you look at the long term test numbers. They are usually higher in price than Seagate or Western Digital. Sorry to not have been more help.
  4. dragon57

    xml description in alphabetical order

    Yeah, sorry. I forgot to mention Excel doesn't export fields that are blank. I don't think it matters, but unfortunately my arcade is down and I can't verify this. Give it a go before you try to edit it and report back here so others will know.
  5. dragon57

    xml description in alphabetical order

    OK, I was just able to use Excel to sort the MAME.xml file I use and export it. I'll try to write up a procedure below. First, open Excel to a blank sheet. Look at the ribbon and see if the Developer menu is turned on and visible along with the other standard menus, ie Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc. If it isn't turned on, go to File, Options, Customize Ribbon. (See below) Click on the Developer option, then click on OK. Next, you want to open the MAME.xml file using the standard Excel file selector. When Excel tries to open the file, the following panel should pop-up. Make sure you choose the third option like the pic below shows. You will probably get the following pop-up. Ignore it and click on OK. Excel should now display the XML Source panel on the far right of an empty sheet. See pic below. Right click on the 'header' folder so header and all the fields below it are highlighted. See pic below. A menu will pop-up showing a 'Map element...' option. Select it and the following should pop-up. Click on OK. Go to the bottom of the default sheet and click the + button to add another sheet to the Workbook. Activate the new sheet. Go back and right-click on the 'game' folder, select it, and the following should pop-up. Click on OK. Go to the Developer menu, then click on the 'Import' option. Select the same MAME.xml file again. Excel should now import all the data it needs to fully define your XML schema and data. You can now sort on any field (description, I think you said), then go to the Developer 'Export' option to write out a new file.
  6. dragon57

    xml description in alphabetical order

    Let me see if I can come up with something isn't so difficult. By the way, what version of Excel do you have?
  7. dragon57

    xml description in alphabetical order

    Microsoft Excel should be able to handle this.
  8. dragon57

    instruction/cue cards and controller overlays?

    If this is what you are talking about, then of course, it is in RocketLauncher. http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Instruction_Cards_Guide
  9. dragon57

    Awesome CHEAP hypermarquee setup!

    Understood. I probably should have mentioned I was looking at the LCD that would fit my 27" cab. That one is $320 + $100 shipping, which is close to your total. Regardless, many thanks for the details on your setup. It is quite impressive.
  10. dragon57

    Awesome CHEAP hypermarquee setup!

    @justindarc, did you consider a stretched bar LCD like these (see link below)? If so, why didn't you go with an lcd versus the projector? It appears the total cost would be about the same. Stretched bar LCD
  11. dragon57

    Led Blinky and Pac Led64 help

    You could try contacting the owner of Groovy Game Gear (that is where I purchased my LED-Wiz boards) at his web contact us page: http://groovygamegear.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=contact_us&zenid=bvv3ipgaodb79hjbi04ba4p2p5 I haven't ordered anything from him in a while, or exchanged emails, but when I did contact him in the past, he was quite helpful.
  12. dragon57

    Led Blinky and Pac Led64 help

    Hmm, I thought you could use an LED-WIZ controller to do what you want? Have you investigated that option?
  13. dragon57

    MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    That is one excellent guide. Thanks for that.
  14. dragon57

    MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    Have you looked on the buildbot server to see if there are any older working cores? https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/
  15. dragon57

    Shield controller special art Available

    Hmm, that seems to be the case for a couple of the swf files, but I had to recreate some items before I saw anything on screen. Is there no way of calculating the positions based on asset size?