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Controller setup (Colecovision, Intellivision, etc)

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I realize this is going to be a highly subjective question, but I'm buttoning up for my primary/final build and I've come to the Colecovision. I'm trying to maintain somewhat of a degree of historical accuracy without sacrificing quality or unneeded annoyances. That being said. What is everyone else using for controller support for these types of systems where the original controller contains a numberpad? ....up to this point, I've been using an SNES--->Usb controller which has been working fairly well in most cases, I also have a sega--->USB, Gamecube--->usb, N64---> USB, PS3--->USB and some others that i don't recall off the top of my head. I'm not opposed to buying a new controller if such a thing exists for these types of systems but is there a more pragmatic way? 

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In my opinion the best way is something like this:



And using a real controller.


I personally have never used that retronic one.  I did build a retropie setup with this:  http://2600-daptor.com/Vision-daptor.htm and a colecovision flashback console for a relative who is a colecovision nut.

Personally I have computer systems on my setup so I have a keyboard handy at all times so I just use that to play some of those colecovision games.  However from what I setup for my relative and based on the feedback from that, the main thing with colecovision and intellivision games beyond just using the buttons on the number pad is the overlays for the numberpad.  Having the overlays to know what the buttons do is critical.  My relative actually collects the overlays now so they have them for the controllers for playing the games on retropie.  

Couple sites with overlays:



good luck

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