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  1. Cool, thanks for the clarification!
  2. so by definition is SNK Classics/ AES/ and MVS all the same thing then? Else, how is SNK Classics different from the other two?
  3. Hi All - I have a massive bezel organization project I'm working on and I've reached the SNK section that I'm trying to organize properly and I've gotten a little confused on the actual difference between these systems. I think that SNK AES is the console and carts while MVS is the acrade version of the same games....what is SNK Classics? A mixture of the two? What would be proper on this from an Emulator Perspective or Rlauncher perspective? Currently All my neo geo stuff comes from mame...I was categorizing this under SNK Classics...But I think that may no longer be correct and now think that it is SNK Neog Geo MVS...can someone help clarify please?
  4. I found this post on a forum search that includes 0.226...good enough i suppose. There were some dependencies when updating the genre.xml lists that i had to fix manually first using the bulk renaming utility tool to rename all of the genre xml's to include " games" at the end of each list (note the space before "games". This new download did not include some of the genre categories that i had previously so I essentially merged the two structures between what i had (0.215) and this new 0.226 list. Artwork and themes seem to be ok. I'm in mid-process of rebuilding my mame repo so I haven't been able to test if any games work yet, but hopefully this sames someone else from searching around. There really should be an official repo for these lists...they're a core functionality of how hyperspin operates.
  5. So what would be a good resource for a complete mame list for 0.228....or close ?
  6. Also, check if legacy mode is turned on
  7. Hey All! Two questions really, first, Is the Hyperlists website actively being maintained or has that changed sometime in the past few years? I try to stick to these lists when building out a system or upgrading one due to their completeness of data (game name, manufacturer, release year)...or is there another source that we should be referencing for this info? or has this dispersed into "Lets just find a working list somewhere on the internet" Second question is... If the first question is true and Hyperslists is a reliable source, Does the mame list reflect updates for the most recent version of Mame (currently 0.228)? If not, Is there a complete DBlist available somewhere?
  8. Sounds good, I still got some details to work out on it, but I'll hit you up when I'm ready to distribute, should be in a couple weeks or less
  9. Gladly, I'd prefer to have a beta tester to make sure that others are able to set this up successfully without too much trouble or to identify any flaws that I would otherwise not have found
  10. I got the autoscroll option working, finally, Upon keypress, the reader can turn on an autoscroll that will turn the page zoom into a frame and advance each frame on a timed basis, then zoom out to full page view and turn the page, until the comic is finished. The user is allowed to set the amount of time between each page turn and fame view. Also, I have figured out a basic structure to organize comics. Character/magazine = system Issues =games Volume = Genre Manufacturer = Issue Title
  11. Comic Rack. It's a muuuuuch better platform for managing digital literature. If i get this module working to where i'm happy enough with it. I hope to expand this to manuals/game guides also. I think it's a much better backend platform for managing this info. Currently i am working on an autoscrolling feature that a user can turn on and shut off and will loop based on the number of pages in a cbr/cbz. In the video, when you see a page turn, zoom, and advance frame by frame, that is happening without any user interaction. The user will also be able to set the amount of time between frame advancements to allow for slow or fast reading or if there is a comic or book with lots of text. I want to get this to as close as automatic as possible so all a person has to do is open the comic and the rest is all or mostly automatic so the user can enjoy when they're reading without a bunch of key presses and zooming and view switching...etc. Perhaps there's a different way that i haven't found yet, but opening guides and manuals in rlauncher during hyperpause or pause or rpause or whatever we're calling it this month leaves a lot to be desired. I hope deving this module opens a gateway to allow for a better experience with opening and reading manuals during pausing midgame and looking at a manual.
  12. *Update* Working on an Autoscrolling function now; Autoscrolling time can be defined by the user...currently set to advance every 3 seconds.
  13. Tried this, Meh, It kinda works i guess. If anyone has a suggestion for different layout ideas, I'm open to it. I wanted the text to be able to scroll and roll over, but settled for an Ease effect. I did the making text as artwork approach. I did three tests. As @RLBradders26 suggested, it's likely going to be a lot of work....Thinking i could automate the process using AHK, but that would be an equal amount of work vs doing it manually. I do have all info in seperate .txt files at the moment...it would really just be a matter of converting them to PNG, but they would just be in plain text lettering...nothing fancy.
  14. After doing some more...outside the box, thinking, i guess this could be incorporated via some sort of card or art slide as a layer on a per item basis...but that is a LOT of extra work....I was really hoping for some way to create an xml or ini file that would pull in the info depending on whatever item is highlighted on the wheel..... @Avar Is there any way that you can think of be it conventional or unconventional that adding text bios can be incorporated? I've seen something similarly incorporated as an SWF here, but again deving something like that for each item would take ages. I'm looking for something that functions similar to Hyperspeech...but instead of spoken word, displays text and to be able to set the text "container" (for lack of a better word) either globally or on a per system or theme basis
  15. Can anyone tell me if there is a tool/plugin/add-on that exists to display information (i.e. a game bio) onscreen, preferably with an auto scrolling capability and allow for x,y, coordinate placement on a theme? Kinda similar to this...(just did a quick google search for a visual example)
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