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config error on hyperspin

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Hi all

Followed the guides (very useful) but must have gone wrong somewhere.

Hyperspin and rocketlaumcher are workin but when I go into a mame game I get No default Emulator found in c:\rocketlauncher\settings\mame\emulators.ini but I dont have a emulators.ini in that location in fact I dont have a mame folder, I also getthe same when trying atari 2600 games.

Can anyone help?

Hyperspin error.png

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you are using a "local" emulator  or have yet to assign an emulator to your system


use global emulator

you should have this

RocketLauncher\Settings\Global Emulators.INI


if you don't  make a copy of this

RocketLauncher\Settings\Global Emulators (Example) .INI

and rename it to

Global Emulators (Example) -->  Global Emulators 


you will need to updated ALL!!!!! the emulator paths to match your set up.

and change your default emulator (per system)  to global

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