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HyperSync Media Configuration Systems and Sync System MisMatch


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Ive been having this issue where the systems linked and read from the media configuration does not match what is in the sync section when looking through the systems that can be selected. I have a oddity where "SNK Neo Geo" is in the sync list but not in the list of systems in the media configuration of hypesync. At one point I did have "SNK Neo Geo" listed in my hyperspin as a system in the Main Menu.xml but I removed it and its media folder from the media directory of hyperspin. I double and triple check but I can not fiigure out why "SNK Neo Geo" is still listed under the sync system section of hypersync but not listed under the media configuration sysem section as expected. It throws an error when i try to batch sync all systems when it encounters it as it goes through the list. Kinda of irriattating  having to watch it and then continue after error is thrown. I would prefer to fix this as in having "SNK Neo Geo"  removed from list. Its almost like it not updating the actual list of systems corectly from hyperspin unless I clearly missed something of just over looking an area.  I will include screen shots of what I explain.

So if a system isn't listed in the Main Menu.XML and the Media Configuration in hypersync references list from ( I assume my hyperspin Main Menu.XML) would there be any reason why the system list under the drop down of the sync section of Hypersync be different? Does the sync section of hypersync use something else that is not listed in the Main Menu.XML? Any help would beappreciated.







SNK_Neo_Geo_Appears Ins Sync SytemsListCapture.JPG

No_Folder_Named_Snk_Neo_Geo_In MediaDirectotyCapture.JPG

No_Folder_Named_Snk_Neo_Geo_In DatabaseDirectotyCapture.JPG





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I doubt the main menu xml has a lot to do with sync... but rather the xml with the actual list of games it wants to match. In your case I am assuming the SNK xml. Having one there even if you are not using it in your system shouldn't really be a problem unless possibly you were editing it by hand. A simple formatting error can ruin an xml. Try deleting the SNK database altogether or download a fresh one.

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Ok I'm following the way you did your I want to just get a understanding about the system and how it setup. I been wanted to do this for years now that the technology here I want to learn everything about it. 

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thanks for theresponses. I had this setup many years ago and had it working fine. I revisited a old setup. I realized I did had a system linked to "SNK Neo Geo" at some point. Anyway I revisted my setup. The main menu xml does have to do with sync as you set link to the  available systems to what you have in listed listed in the main menu xml. I have added and removed many systems prior with no issues. I just forgot some minor details as it had been a while. I added new and deleted systems to re familiarized myself. From this exercise if added, I could link to that system and if deleted I couldn't link as expected. I noticed when I "dropped" a system from the media configuration section, the sync systems would also update. Likewise, if I added and set link to a system that wasn't listed before in sync system section it would update. So this answered my question I posted in thread originally in regards to how the sync systems were populated. Feel silly not seeing this before.

Within reason I came to conclsion I mustve done some wrong or didnt drop the snk neo geo system way back when and it was still listed as a available system and caused a mistmatch. I located ini files where hypersync stores settings. Within the settings ini file, all systems I had setup were listed. The odd ball was "SNK Neo Geo", which I had no use for since nothing was linked to it via my setup (Sanity checked and went through all systems and verified nothing was inadvertantly linked some how). "SNK Neo Geo" show it was linkd to "linked=SNK Neo Geo". I just removed the system from the systems ini file. Problem solve. Restarted Hypersync and everything worked as expected. Annoying this happened but I it helped me recalls some things I had forgotten. 

I don't hand edit xmls by the way.  I only use xml from hyperlist.

Anyway, I apprecaite the help and responses. This is a non issue now as I have resolved. Added some screen shots for clarity just in case.







linked_SNK Neo GeoCapture.JPG

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