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Remap mouse click to Keypress


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So I am using a trackball encoder that works like a mouse for my CP - the problem is that the buttons are actually mouseclicks, 1, 2 and 3.

I found a program called x mouse button control that works like a champ in notepad - when I try to use it in hyperspin and subsequently emulators (zsnes - super scope, Fuzion - lethal enforcers) it works about 1 out of every 100 presses.... is there any possible way for me to map clicks to keys as successfully as xpadder does to joystick buttons?

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nailed it! super roundabout but.... using ppjoy I created a virtual joystick that was looking at mouse inputs, then mapped clicks as joystick buttons in xpadder!

Careful if youre using fusion the right click opens a menu :( but.... set right click to your HS exit key instead of a player button and celebrate!!!

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This for the latest version of rocketlauncher.


Keymapper frontend profile



Keymapper default profile (works on all emulators



Create an ahk file (it's just a txt file with the extension changed to ahk)  and then put the ahk remapping code in. Links to how to write the code can be found in links in my earlier post.

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