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New member, new mini pin

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Well the time has come to get started on a new project. I am nearing completion of my new MAME cab and still have some PCs and monitors laying around that need to get used somehow so a pin is in order. This will be my first attempt at a pin and am already in over my head but getting things sorted out slowly but surely. This stuff is a whole lot more complicated than a MAME cab for sure. I am doing a mini pin since I do not want to expend a lot of money nor time in something bigger until I am sure this will look and behave as I expect. I have a spare HP 16:9 22" for the playfield but need to check the viewing angles to see how it looks from the side. Back glass monitor will be a Dell 19" 4:3 and the size seems perfect when I place them next to each other. I think my daughter and I would enjoy a small pin as a lead in to a full size cab. When that happens I have a spare 37" TV ready.

I have downloaded and installed VP and HP and have 17 tables thus far working in VP and am nearing the point where I need to get them working in HP. I downloaded all of the media packs for the table I am using thus far. As I go I will add more tables, but my current list includes many of the most popular. I still need a few like LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean if they exist, I really haven't gone looking. I think this evening I may go download FP and see how that goes. I am not really sure what table they have but tonight is a good night to go browsing.

I head out on vacation this coming week but starting the following weekend I will finish and paint my MAME cab and get started right off on this. You can surely expect questions.

Actually my first question so far that I haven't figured out is how to move the HP loading screen from the backglass monitor to the playfield monitor. Thoughts?


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Welcome to the forums...

as you have rightly suspected, building a pin is another level to building an arcade machine. its a fun experience, but be warned, it can get very expensive, very quickly. :P

to answer a couple of your questions... LOTR and Pirates are both available on VP.. LORTR you can get from VPF, Pirates you can get from VPUniverse.

The Hp loading screen issue is probably caused by not having the main playfield setup as Screen 1 on your pc.

Any other questions feel free to ask, the guys on this forum are a good bunch and will happily answer any questions you will have.. you might however want to read all of the stickied threads prior to asking a question, as the majority of answers are there somewhere.. the pinball electrical 101 is a couple of years out of date now, but still has some relevant information.

I hope this has been some help to you


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