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Retroarch controllers


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I'll ask here as its quite the mission to access and post a topic on retroarch forums directly.

Ive recently been setting up some systems and I am working my way through all of the ones that use some retroarch core as the emulator. I have a xin mo controller as my main arcade controller but not so long ago managed to pick up one of those usb N64 controllers so I can "properly" set up the 64 just like it used to be (or as close as can be).

Configuring controllers on certain UI's such as retroarch can be a complete pain. Its abstract layers upon layers, trying to map them over to what you want but it is doable. I much prefer Mames input mapping. Either universal or per machine. So you set up a nice default mapping by literally pressing the buttons and watching them map to the screen, and if it doesnt suit a machine, you just input for that machine and away you go.

Retroarch is a little different. You map your controller to its abstract retropad which is tricky to get your head round but it is doable. Then if you load a core and the buttons dont feel right you can use the remap options to further complicate your abstract mapping. Then you save to core remap options and all should be well. Well they are until you plug another controller in.

After faffing considerably I managed to get my fake N64 USB controller working just fine, saving only to the N64mupen core. But even on disconnect it has somehow managed to rip up all my other controls (all dedicated mapped to other cores, not default) for the xin mo on other machines. I dont even know where it has got the mapping from.

So my question is. How can I get retroarch to not only load the core remap file for each system BUT ALSO recognise which controller I want to use for that system. All without it changing random buttons on every other system that also runs through retroarch. I dont mind having to unplug the N64 controller (In fact I'd prefer it) when I "Back out" of N64 wheel on Hyperspin so that I can resume normal business with my xin mo.

I suspect it may be something in the usb order that might be tripping things up but due to everything being named I cant see why its a problem.

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Sorry I didn't see this post sooner, I have a lot of experience with RetroArch configuration.

The most important step to managing different core configurations is to create a unique config file for each core.

Main Menu->Configuration File->Save New Configuration

That's not controller related but trust me it's important. It prevents settings in one core from affecting any other.

I think you are having issues with the controller auto profile. Updating your Autoconfig Profiles might fix the issue. Details here:


Controls can be saved three different ways:

Save Core Remap: Device type and button map saved for all games using that core

Save Content Directory Remap: saves for all games in the current selected game's folder

This is useful for cores that cover multiple systems. Each system (folder) can have a different button map.

Save Game Remap: Saves for just the current game.

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