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  1. Change the path to the where the JoyToKey application folder location. I think JoyToKey default is in User Documents folder but it can be placed anywhere. Right now Rocketlauncher is looking in your Downloads folder. It just needs to he pointed to the correct location.
  2. You need to change the path to the JoyToKey folder location.
  3. It was a 15-minute manual process using Notepad++ Find/Mark features to add clones to AAE.xml. Pulled the info from r0man0 ini and made genre xmls AAE XML (Clones + RM ini).zip I only tested Asteroids but it looks like everything is working
  4. I appreciate that you posted your original themes on the Themes Project thread, but I think you should also put them in the Uploads Section.

    More people will see them, and it will be easier to find them using website search in the future.

    I just want to make sure everyone will see and download your work.

    Thank you for your help it is very motivating.

  5. Sorry I didn't see this post sooner, I have a lot of experience with RetroArch configuration. The most important step to managing different core configurations is to create a unique config file for each core. Main Menu->Configuration File->Save New Configuration That's not controller related but trust me it's important. It prevents settings in one core from affecting any other. I think you are having issues with the controller auto profile. Updating your Autoconfig Profiles might fix the issue. Details here: https://www.retroarch.com/index.php?page=controller-autoconfig Controls can be saved three different ways: Save Core Remap: Device type and button map saved for all games using that core Save Content Directory Remap: saves for all games in the current selected game's folder This is useful for cores that cover multiple systems. Each system (folder) can have a different button map. Save Game Remap: Saves for just the current game.
  6. I have gone 10 years without knowing that, thank you.
  7. I always assumed it would make the wheel spin (like it does after being idle for some time) I also would like to know.
  8. I have been looking into the topics of Rom Mapping and MAME clones. I understand everything now. I'm deep into a huge MAME project exploring both. A big upload is coming....
  9. Hmm...an underused feature that no one understands. I'm on it!
  10. It's possible Ryuzacky uncovered another use for HBMAME. I might experiment with that. I like learning new emulation methods. I have been aware of the rom mapping feature but haven't used it yet. I've been wanting to split some mame roms that are dedicated consoles with multiple games into separate games with their own autoload save states. As far as I know, MAME can't launch them with alternate names but Rom Mapping it might work. If I figure it out, I will make a post to show the process.
  11. Thank you, I was going to test clones in HBMAME and be very confused.
  12. That never occurred to me. That could be an excellent way to separate parent and clone sets.
  13. I don't think that's possible. Maybe with the Rom Mapping feature? I think you would have a much easier time simply downloading the MAME split rom set.
  14. The database won't be able to find the clone roms because they are still within the parent zip rom. You could download the split rom set, which has all of the parent and clone roms separated into their own zip files. If you only want a few clone games and you have the merged set, you could just extract the clone zip file from the patent (merged) rom.
  15. You are right about proper joystick support for Hyperspin menu. I've been using JoytoKey to control Hyperspin for so long that I didn't even think of that. Hyperspin is basically just a scrolling menu that accesses Rocketlauncher. It's an attractive menu that is impressively versatile but it's inexcusable that it needs outside applications to use joystick or controllers.
  16. So little of what we do is reliant on Hyperspin itself. There are endless ways to customize the appearance and tricks to change the behavior. Most advancements are from Rocketlauncher or emulators. I don't feel like there is a limitation to what I can add to my Hyperspin setup. Sure, things break and I have to troubleshoot often when expanding but it's never the fault of Hyperspin itself, only the applications I try to launch. What feature would you want added?
  17. I think the solution (for now) is to set RA Options: Resolution = 1280x720. I have had resolution set to 1920x1080 since I started using RA(MAME) with absolutely no issue. I just tested a few systems that were crashing on the new core when launched from RocketLauncher. They seem stable now, but I need to go through every system again today. I don't know if this is a module issue. I think this is specifically a version 0.247 issue. I will figure this out and update the compatibility guide today. Probably the easiest "fix" is waiting for 0.248 but I will do my best to sort this out now.
  18. I am moving this topic to this post: Ongoing RetroArch (MAME Software List) Project
  19. Windowed mode might be causing the issue. Can you try fullscreen to see if it properly lines up?
  20. Version 20150514


    Fujitsu FM Towns Game Wheels Pack
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