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Wheels keep on spinnin after reinstallation.


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Hi everyone , 
i recently had to upgrade my Win7 system. And since then my wheel has spinning and spinning.

I have to say that I installed two DIY spinners (Arduino mouse emulator).
With these I was able to steer the wheel up and down in hyperspin before the new installation.

before it was like this:  
When I moved a spinner, the x or y axis mouse pointer moved. And the wheel moved in that direction. 
If I stopped the movement, the mouse pointer returned to the middle of the screen. Which also stopped the wheel. 

But now the mouse pointer doesn't return to the center and the wheel runs and runs.   

I don't remember installing any other software for the spinner.
Are there any other settings in hyperHQ?
I also deactivated joysticks there and use Joy2key.

Greetings and thanks for any help

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Sounds like controller or something driver related. You'd have to disconnect each USB device and even uninstall drivers to sort this.

I could be wrong, though, so it's only a suggestion.

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