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Custom vewlix / kraylix / donovan myers / Vert Cab


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Here is my new build... it's a slim (very slim) vewlix custom all from 3/4 '' MDF using a vertical 26" insignia HDTV, the CP is being made custom from Kray...


and some of the ideas from Donovan Myers build


... this is the link to the 32" widescreen vewlix / kraylix build




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I thought about that, and there has been way too much work into it already to even think about trying that... but, I'm actually making 2 of these, a horizontal one and a vertical one. I have already started on the horizontal. This one will be for primary use with SHMUPS and this...


I'll post more pics as work progresses.

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Thanks Beaps!, I'm building both of these at once, I should have some new pics of both cabs later today, hopefully both primed and sanded...

I took out the ships and added some geometry to match the xevious theme a little more and tilted the edge stripes a little...


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painted and connected...




had some separation when connecting the pieces, no big deal, fixed it with some joint compound afterward, looks great, its not going to be seen anyway


now on to the varnish / sealer

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