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  1. SORHP


  2. Version 20101205


    Radiant Silvergun (JUET 980523 V1.000) - rsgun (Sega ST-V) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  3. Version 20101205


    Radiant Silvergun (JUET 980523 V1.000) - rsgun (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  4. Version 20130413


    Halley's Comet (US) - halleys (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  5. I like how the ms pac is a converted pac, and fifjr is playing a cameo off in the distance
  6. I love the ridic version! I have it on my cab and it's beautiful
  7. Those look great! When you are finished, can you upload the files to the FTP? I'm sure many here would thank you
  8. Dude, I'll throw that in my fight machine if there is a level of the fifjr building made for it, that would be dope
  9. wouldn't that be nice Did a quick search for emulated FIFjr roms, and found someone ported it to megadrive... cant post the link just yet, but google should show it
  10. Super Excited! Super Cool Hope yall like my exit button, and my coin button! (coin button lights up and has "$") The coin door will be put on this week
  11. Those are sweet Rick! ... I sent you a pm, and my cab is just about ready for the graphics!
  12. I second the rotating 90 degrees, it looks goofy horizontal, and the game doesn't look right, I swiped 2 21" CRT off eBay pretty cheap, 19 " viewable diagonally, they're white, but I'm gonna spray them black
  13. Me too please,... If the creators are ok with that of course!
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