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Coin door question


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Hi all, been lurking here forever, gradually trying to gather the parts and knowledge to build my own cab.

I've had a coin door for a while now and would be happy just to have it for access to the cab and for the service switches.

Now the question is, would a coin mech fit in to the brackets on the door or am i missing a lot more hardware etc?

Thanks for any help. I am excited about starting my build.



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I bought one of these, http://www.xgaming.com/store/arcade-parts-and-accessories/product/arcade-machine-coin-door-led-coin-mech/ and when comparing to the pic of yours, it looks like all you need is the coin mech and associated harness.

Have you checked out this page?


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You may see if you have a local arcade. THey may have spare broken mechs and might be able to borrow to see if it fits. I am good friends with a pinball arcade owner and she lets me "borrow" her own personal machines for months at a time.

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