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  1. Are you still doing custom work? Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
  2. Shoot. I just got the cash for one of your bars. Sadness
  3. Everything up on emumovies is named to match Hyperspin xmls as far as I know. So anything you do get from there should already be named. CRC will not work with videos as the CRC is rom specific.
  4. Circo Heads up.... I am having trouble with the goldeneye file. Everything else has worked great. But that file has given me issues. I redownloaded and still not working.
  5. And Pixel You guys rock. Can't wait for yours to be production ready..
  6. Ok not to reidderate something but I looked around and I was trying to find a usb-b style head (the one on the arduino itself far as i can tell) To usb header. I couldn't located one. Any ideas.... I HATE WIRING.
  7. Alt+tab until the table is on top and then alt+f4
  8. Blur since you may try to get in touch with sam... If that utility is not finished I would gladly take over the code if its written in .net to finish it off to more useable. Just saying.
  9. yeah maxx I know that. My bad here. I completely lost my train of thought and forgot it was on arduino.... OOOPS. Completely ignore my request.
  10. I have a random request that should be simple for this project. Since most computers are put into the Cabinet open face could we have a USB header on it to connect directly to the Headers on a Motherboard. Just a thought and I would like to keep the backpanel of the mobo a lil more free. Any thoughts:?
  11. Idea Suggestion---- Say you are on the Hyperpin menu and you have a table you know you named right. Is it possible to set a button on a keyboard to UnHide Mouse Cursor then simultaneously open the Visual Basic XML in Notepad to make a fix if it seen.
  12. Hey... still wanna sign up for BG?

    It's freeleech week now, PM if you're interested...

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