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TMNT 4 player pedestal


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Hey, Guys!

I just wanted to share my recently completed (and first) build. I've been beating around the bush for a while and finally followed through this time!

The body is built from 3/4" MDF. I designed the art and had Brad (Aka

Lucian045) print it on vinyl. Finally, there's a 1/8" sheet of lexan on top.

The controls for Players 1 & 2 are soldered to DB25 connectors which plug into a manual switch that can toggle between the IPAC encoder and xbox360 boards.


The TV is mounted to the wall using a mount that allows me to rotate the screen 90 degrees. All of the vertical games I have are configured to rotate automatically on the software side.. it's about a 15 second process to rotate the screen from horizontal to vertical and is manual for now.

If anyone has any questions on the DB25 connector/switch setup solution, the mount, or anything else I'd be happy to share a video or post a tutorial.

Lastly, thanks for all of the posts and tutorials. I would have given up if it hadn't been for how helpful everyone here has been. Being a part of this community has been awesome!





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