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Tredog's First Full Height Slim Cabinet


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After roaming the forums for quite some time, I decided to upload my build and maybe help anyone having similar issues I had. I don't have much room in my home and did not want my cab in the garage, so I wanted to do a slim cabinet. I searched everywhere for plans but ended up making my own using Inventor. Here is my parts list that I can remember:

LOWES/Do It Best

2 X Sheets MDF (4x8x3/4) ... $84.00

Aluminum L-Bracket (Hold Marquee) ... $7.50

Plexi-Glass (Bought from scrap available) ... $6.50

Glass Panel (Sized at Lowes) ... $11.00

2 X Waxman 2-in Rubber Swivel Caster ... $7.94


White Primer ...?

Black Latex Paint (This paint sucks!) ...?


Xgaming inc. - Arcade Coin Door w/Mechs ... $29.99

Xgaming inc. - USB/PS2 Trackball w/buttons ... $59.98

4partyfun - PCB Feet ... $8.95

4partyfun - 40Ft 3/4" Light Blue T-Molding ...$18.00

4partyfun - 2 Player USB Mame Arcade Kit ... $50.00

4partyfun - 2 X Chrome LED Buttons ... $3.60

cat023 - 5 3/4" Speaker Grille ... $7.59

premierearcade - 2 X Arcade Black Carriage Bolts ... $5.58

angelcitytrading - 1ft LED Knight Rider Blue Neon Light ... $7.17

mobilelife_inc - 2 X 1ft Acrylic Tube White LED Sticks ... $21.90

mynewfan - 2 X 12V 1A Cooling Fan Speed Control ... $11.98

Fusion USB Rotary Volume Control for Windows ... $34.99

Recycled Parts / Computer Components

Acer 22" Monitor (needed a capacitor) ... $8.00

2010 MSI Motherboard, Intel G620, 4GB DDR3 ... $0.00

XFX ATI 6670 ... $39.99

Dell 2.1 Speaker System ... $0.00

OCZ 120GB SSD (Old main system drive) ... $0.00

Seagate 1TB HDD (Old main system data drive) ... $0.00

Coolermaster 500W PSU (Old Main System Power Supply) ... $0.00

Coin Bucket (Wife got from work [Pizza Shop]) ... $0.00

2 x Coolermaster 120mm Fans ... $18.99

USB / Headphone Jack from Case ... $0.00


Game on Grafix - Lightning Marquee (Default Mame) .. $26.99

Game on Grafix - Grid Kickplate (Bargain Bin) .. $16.16










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Time to complete: 5 Weekends build + 5 Weekends programming

Games: Originally (10200+) but after adult games and Systems I just did not want to deal with only 3200 Remain

Still have to remove gun games or buy light guns...

The width is 29.5" (28" without sides)

Monitor wakes up when PC Starts

All LED Lights powered by Computer Power Supply (Some 12v some 5v)

Power Switch red led arcade button on control panel

Things I would Change:

Knight Rider Light does an annoying strobe, would not use it again. Access door on the rear (I may still make this).

Black Latex Paint SUCKS... Took almost 5 weeks to completely dry. If I use it again, I will do very thin layers and paint only in the warmer months.

OS: Windows 7 Home X64 (originally was XP, but XBMC was not supported)

Hyperspin Frontend running the following Systems:



Atari Jaquar

Future Pinball


DW Jukebox

TurboGrafx 16

TurboGrafx CD


Super Nintendo

Sega Gen.

Sega CD

Sega Saturn

NeoGeo CD



PC Games:

Chicken Little

Feeding Frenzy 2

Fix It Felix

GH3 (One reason for the graphics card and USB's in Front)

GH Aerosmith

GH World Tour

kung Fu Panda

Outrun 2006


Peggle Nights


Will post final pics this weekend when I open the cabinet up for a friend that would like to how i built the internals.

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The trackball from Xarcade has up to four mouse buttons and 2 sets of wires per button (you can run 2 left, 2 right, etc) that are already wired to the trackball. It even comes with 4 black arcade buttons. I ran mouse buttons 1 and 2 to the top of the arcade between the Player 1 and 2 start buttons. Most games will use either player 1 Fire button (RED) or the left mouse click to operate. Xpadder is wonderful for mapping every emulator/game the way you want them.


I also have the Free play buttons mounted under the control panel (Above the coin door) hidden from view, along with the USB/Headphone ports. Will post better pics/videos this weekend.

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Thanks, but I am just a novice. Last time I did any woodworking was in high school, and I am now 35, lol. Just took my time and lots of breaks to plot my next move. Using the router for the first time was the scariest. Did not want to ruin my perfectly cut/sanded sides and have to start over.

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Yes, If you look at the 8th Build pic, you can see the two hidden button holes above the coin door. P1 coin is hooked to both button and the actual coin door, P2 coin is button only. Most games only require P1 coin for multiplayer anyway.

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Thinking about pulling out the control panel, Splitting it in two sections, adding a hinge to the front and latches to the rear, filling in the screw holes and adding graphics to it. Also, replacing the strobe-like blue led under the cab with a less distracting one. The paint only control panel seems to get dirty too easily, but does clean well.

I want it hinged, but don't want the shinny hinge showing under my blue t-molding. Is there a way to maybe recess the piano hinge into the control panel itself? or do most people just let them show and PAINT them black?

Anyone know of good pictures of the hinged area of any control panels to help me out?


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