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LED-WIZ and zebsboards SMT booster board help


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Hi just wondered if you could please give me a little advice my SMT Booster board I bought from Zebsboards has arrived and I am in the process of installing the board

I have looked on the forum wiring diagram page and I am just a little confused.

I have soldered my LED-wiz onto the SMT board also soldering the 5v and ground pins.

I am using an old ATX psu for voltage 3.3v to the resister board (for the five rgbs on the lightbar) and I am going to use the same ATX psu to power the SMT booster board,

Do I use the 12v or 5v or Both to power the board?

Also I have RGB buttons on my cab for flippers and start and exit game can I wire the two flippers together and the start/end rgb wires together if I power them from a separate 5v supply (not the one off the usb on the led wiz to give me more room on the SMT board.

thanks in advance


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Hey Keithpaw. The drawing shows that you need both 12v and 5v connected to the board.


You can wire together you flipper buttons no problems at all. But you will probably want to leave your start/exit buttons separate as the software will make them come on when the table is active.

Hope that makes sense.

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