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Sega Pico

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Here is my version of Sega Pico

I did not make the theme

Someone shared it with me....

I tweaked it a little bit

made a default from the main menu

grabbed a bunch of .pngs from this site


used dr maxwell .xml

(i think might be missing a few based on that site)

tweaked module a little bit

using picodrive

made the wheels with horseyhorsey app

if anybody has more pngs or videos please share

i think i have about half of the games



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Yeah, I'm not sure where I got the original theme from to be honest and we cannot credit the original because the info file says "user". This recreation looks great mate, don't stress so much over the originality; I think it looks nice as do all your themes.

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Has anyone got a collection of scanned books for this system?

I've got all the games for this but there are only 2 books that I can find.

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Here's a lot of hq scanned books that can be made into overlays for the emulator, let's start a project and get these done?





Great find - these are the manuals.  Though the images we need to make the overlays for the emulator are the scans of the books that were attached to the cartridge.  See the picture at the link below:



Unfortunately I've never been able to find scans of these anywhere.  I'm hoping I'm wrong, though I suspect if we want them we will have to contact a collector to see if they can help.

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