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  1. I've tried your module for x68000, but I'm not able to boot directly XM6 files; the others extension working well.



  2. im not using this anymore....retroarch works great in my experience. dont remember this one at all. sorry
  3. What are a couple of the most "computer taxing/challenging" MAME games currently out there (roms and/or chd)? My wife has an i5 16GBram desktop that might not be needed once she decides on a new laptop so I would like to test it out with some of the tougher MAME games to run. thanks in advance
  4. how about this one to play MAME (includeing CHDs)?? (playing anything else would be a bonus) Make: Clone/GigabyteModel: GA-8KNXP V2Processor: Pentium 4 HT 3.2 GHz 800MHz FSB, Hyper threading ( runs like a dual core)Ram: 4 GBHard Drive: 570 GB total, 320 GB & 250 GB ( can be upgraded for a little bit more)Video: Nvidia GeForce 7300GTAudio: Digital Integrated Surround SoundOS: Win 7 32bitDrives: DVD Rom & DVD/RW Drive, 250 Zip drive, 3.5 HD 1.44Ports: Gig LAN, 6-USB, 2 Serial, 1 Parallel, 1 IEEE 1394 port i hAVE A " MSI GTX 760 graphics card " THAT i could add...but not sure if better or worse than one already in there also...i guess i could add more ram thanks in advance
  5. would this do it? FOR SALE HP Business Class 6005 PRO Desktop, Dual Core 3.2 GHZ, win 7 PRO WITH COA. 250gb SATA HD. 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Superior performance for a small(ish) system Easily accessible chassis with room for upgrades. thanks craiganderson
  6. Hello. I am looking to purchase a "new" desktop to use to ONLY run Hyperspin for MAME (including .chd games). No other systems at all. (i do not need to run all of the bells/whistles that hyperspin offer ...just fyi) Does anybody have a recommendation for the cheapest option to achieve that goal??? I have an external hard drive with all of the roms/chd files already. I also have a spare " MSI GTX 760 graphics card" to add to the system as well. I do not need monitor, keyboard etc...just the desktop. thanks in advance, craiganderson
  7. here is what i have not all mine https://mega.nz/#F!L1BGQB6Y key = !B3qu61ll3v-9FpWCMrfeZw
  8. can someone share their "remaps" folder so i can see how to do this? thanks from the module ; Key remapping: ; If you want to remap any keys you can do it directly on OpenMSX just create a folder named remaps in the emulator folder. Inside ; that folder create SYSTEMNAME.txt files depending on the system and you can also create a GLOBAL.txt file with remaps that you want ; to use for any system of this module. Read the emulator docs for details on how to create remaps, for example: ; bind PAGEUP "set pause on" ; bind ESCAPE "quit"
  9. anybody? has anybody used the act labs guns? thanks in advance
  10. best light gun for MAME games on CRT? (do not care if gun does NOT work on HD televisions) thanks in advance....
  11. fzero works well enough to play? thans
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