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  1. Minimizing tearing will only happen if you sync to the refresh rate of the games you are running. So there is no one magical number for this and it requires SwitchRes, feeding modelines into your GPU driver or hacking them using Soft15kHz if you don't own a compatible card. I post here about two years ago on how to setup CRT with groovyume. I think the thread was called "one emulator to rule them all" or something. The AHKs in the thread are dated, but the information for what you need is there. It is a long read for people that are serious about accurately emulating their 15/24/31kHz games.
  2. Yeah, that list is from the latest no-intro set and they updated the naming conventions to include attachments and peripheral devices as a parentheses. Your list was accurate at the time of course. The list I've provided is accurate but needs year and maybe CRC added. For now, it serves to load games and wheel art and I'm happy with that. I'm working on too many systems to stop for the details. I'll leave that to others to play with ^..^ This is an unofficial list ?
  3. You can load the xml using romlister 3.0 and then exclude regions you don't need from there. The other option is to do this via clrmamepro using a an exported DAT. Both quite simple processes.
  4. Actually the last No-intro list has SGB Enhanched games listed already. You can simply use that list to load through RetroArch and even MESS has a driver that I've added to my copy of MESS.
  5. The commandline for this is: mess nes -cart datach -cart2 gamename I am working on my own MESS AHK module now and adding in systems that haven't already been added. Let me know if the command line works for you; you may not need it if you intend on adding this to the AHK because it is cart based and should be essentially plug in play. If you are running off software lists then you might want to run a folder check or ini check for a list of barcodes. Anyway, this is how I am coding it for my AHK. You don't need a barcode scanner, a list of barcodes for this system are here: http://retrostuff.org/2014/02/14/bandai-datach-barcodes-for-mess/ You can even setup a two system fight using EAN-8 barcodes (find these through google and also add to a ini). To have these codes read when the game asks for them, simply open up the UI Menu Tab, go to Barcode Reader, then when prompted enter it in. I hope this helps some of you who don't understand much about how the barcode scanner works in MESS. Have a nice day!
  6. Try using the MESS/UME core instead of NES. Then add in nespal for your PAL games, then nes for NTSC Japan and USA. I have a MESS/UME core that does all of this for sega and nes systems from that era for the exact same reason as you have described. I play double dragon II on NES and the pal version has music that is slower and more attune to the feels of my childhood.
  7. Xp is better for 15kHz games. Are you using arcade vga drivers with 3300 graphics card? why not use calamity's CRT Emudriver
  8. Do you want me to make a how to video for updating and rebuilding your set with clrmamepro?
  9. Check the FTP for emumovies/Artwork/Nintendo Wii they have about 1200 covers there. I think around 200 videos have been put on the FTP for this system so far. I've quickly made an xml for the set using the artwork. I think this is based on the Redump set and only includes the USA releases, not the Japan and Europe ones. I know they aren't wheels but at least they are high enough res that you can start cutting your own with a pen tool
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure where I got the original theme from to be honest and we cannot credit the original because the info file says "user". This recreation looks great mate, don't stress so much over the originality; I think it looks nice as do all your themes.
  11. I can read/write/speak etc Japanese, Chinese, English, French (to some degree), Russian (basic) and German (basic again).
  12. 211 (I have about 269 wheels I haven't added some systems like Zinc yet) Here is my working list that I have made wheels for and have almost finished themes for: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <menu> <game name="AAE" /> <game name="Acorn Archimedes" /> <game name="Acorn Atom" /> <game name="Acorn BBC Micro Model B" /> <game name="Acorn Electron" /> <game name="American Laser Games" /> <game name="Amstrad CPC" /> <game name="Amstrad GX4000" /> <game name="Android" /> <game name="APF Imagination Machine" /> <game name="Apple I" /> <game name="Apple II" /> <game name="Apple IIGS" /> <game name="Attack of the Clones" /> <game name="Atari 2600" /> <game name="Atari 5200" /> <game name="Atari 7800" /> <game name="Atari 8-Bit" /> <game name="Atari Falcon" /> <game name="Atari Jaguar CD" /> <game name="Atari Jaguar" /> <game name="Atari Lynx" /> <game name="Atari ST" /> <game name="Atari XEGS" /> <game name="Atari" /> <game name="Atlus" /> <game name="Bally Astrocade" /> <game name="Bandai Pippin" /> <game name="Bandai Gundam RX-78" /> <game name="Bandai Super Vision 8000" /> <game name="Bandai WonderSwan Color" /> <game name="Bandai WonderSwan" /> <game name="Banpresto" /> <game name="Big Fish Games" /> <game name="Capcom" /> <game name="Capcom Play System" /> <game name="Capcom Play System 2" /> <game name="Capcom Play System 3" /> <game name="Casio Loopy" /> <game name="Casio PV-1000" /> <game name="Casio PV-2000" /> <game name="Cave" /> <game name="Coleco Adam" /> <game name="ColecoVision" /> <game name="Commodore 64" /> <game name="Commodore Amiga CD32" /> <game name="Commodore Amiga" /> <game name="Commodore CDTV" /> <game name="Commodore MAX Machine" /> <game name="Commodore VIC-20" /> <game name="Creatronic Mega Duck" /> <game name="Daphne" /> <game name="Data East" /> <game name="DICE" /> <game name="Doujin Soft" /> <game name="Dragon 64" /> <game name="EG2000 Colour Genie" /> <game name="e-AMUSEMENT" /> <game name="Emerson Arcadia 2001" /> <game name="Entex Adventure Vision" /> <game name="Epoch Super Cassette Vision" /> <game name="Exelvision EXL 100" /> <game name="Exidy Sorcerer" /> <game name="Fairchild Channel F" /> <game name="Final Burn Alpha" /> <game name="Fix It Felix Jr." /> <game name="Flash Games" /> <game name="Frets on Fire" /> <game name="Fujitsu FM Towns" /> <game name="Fujitsu FM-7" /> <game name="Funtech Super ACan" /> <game name="Future Pinball" /> <game name="GamePark 32" /> <game name="Epoch Game Pocket Computer" /> <game name="GCE Vectrex" /> <game name="GOG" /> <game name="Hartung Game Master" /> <game name="Interton VC 4000" /> <game name="Irem" /> <game name="Jukebox" /> <game name="Jupiter Ace" /> <game name="Kaneko" /> <game name="Konami" /> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey" /> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 2" /> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 300" /> <game name="MAME" /> <game name="Matra & Hachette Alice" /> <game name="Mattel Aquarius" /> <game name="Mattel Intellivision" /> <game name="Memotech MTX" /> <game name="Microsoft MSX" /> <game name="Microsoft MSX2" /> <game name="Microsoft MSX 2+" /> <game name="Microsoft MSX Turbo-R" /> <game name="Midway" /> <game name="MFME" /> <game name="Microsoft MS-DOS" /> <game name="MUGEN" /> <game name="Namco System 22" /> <game name="Namco" /> <game name="NEC PC Engine" /> <game name="NEC PC Engine-CD" /> <game name="NEC PC-8801" /> <game name="NEC PC-9801" /> <game name="NEC PC-FX" /> <game name="NEC SuperGrafx" /> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-16" /> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-CD" /> <game name="Nintendo 64" /> <game name="Nintendo 64DD" /> <game name="Nintendo Arcade Systems" /> <game name="Nintendo DS" /> <game name="Nintendo DS Japan" /> <game name="Nintendo 3DS" /> <game name="Nintendo 3DS Japan" /> <game name="Nintendo Entertainment System" /> <game name="Nintendo Famicom" /> <game name="Nintendo Famicom Disk System" /> <game name="Nintendo Game & Watch" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Japan" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Color" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Advance" /> <game name="Nintendo Gamecube" /> <game name="Nintendo Pokemon Mini" /> <game name="Nintendo Super Famicom Satellaview" /> <game name="Nintendo Sufami Turbo" /> <game name="Nintendo Super Famicom" /> <game name="Nintendo Super Game Boy" /> <game name="Nintendo Virtual Boy" /> <game name="Nintendo Wii" /> <game name="Nintendo WiiWare" /> <game name="OpenBOR" /> <game name="Panasonic 3DO" /> <game name="PC Games" /> <game name="Philips CD-i" /> <game name="Philips VG 5000" /> <game name="Philips Videopac G7200" /> <game name="Pioneer LaserActive" /> <game name="Pioneer Palcom PX-7" /> <game name="PopCap" /> <game name="RCA Studio II" /> <game name="Sammy Atomiswave" /> <game name="Sammy" /> <game name="ScummVM" /> <game name="Sega 32X" /> <game name="Sega CD" /> <game name="Sega Dreamcast VMU" /> <game name="Sega Dreamcast" /> <game name="Sega Game Gear" /> <game name="Sega Genesis" /> <game name="Sega Mark III" /> <game name="Sega Master System" /> <game name="Sega Mega Drive" /> <game name="Sega Mega Drive Japan" /> <game name="Sega Mega Jet" /> <game name="Sega Mega-CD" /> <game name="Sega Meganet" /> <game name="Sega Model 1" /> <game name="Sega Model 2" /> <game name="Sega Model 3" /> <game name="Sega Naomi" /> <game name="Sega Nomad" /> <game name="Sega Pico" /> <game name="Sega Saturn Japan" /> <game name="Sega Saturn" /> <game name="Sega SC-3000" /> <game name="Sega SG-1000" /> <game name="Sega ST-V" /> <game name="Sega Triforce" /> <game name="Sharp MZ-2500" /> <game name="Sharp X1 Turbo" /> <game name="Sharp X1" /> <game name="Sharp X68000" /> <game name="Sinclair ZX Spectrum" /> <game name="Sinclair ZX80" /> <game name="Sinclair ZX81" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo AES" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo CD" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo MVS" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo Pocket" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo X" /> <game name="Sony Playstation" /> <game name="Sony Playstation Japan" /> <game name="Sony Playstation 2" /> <game name="Sony PocketStation" /> <game name="Sony PSP" /> <game name="Sony PSP Japan" /> <game name="Sord M5" /> <game name="Spectravideo" /> <game name="Sunsoft" /> <game name="Super Nintendo Entertainment System" /> <game name="Taito Type X" /> <game name="Taito Type X2" /> <game name="Taito" /> <game name="Technos Japan" /> <game name="Texas Instruments TI 99-4A" /> <game name="Tiger Game.com" /> <game name="Thomson MO5" /> <game name="Tomy Tutor" /> <game name="Touhou Project" /> <game name="Ultra64" /> <game name="Visual Pinball" /> <game name="Vm Labs Nuon" /> <game name="VTech CreatiVision" /> <game name="Watara Supervision" /> <game name="WoW Action Max" /> <game name="XBMC" /> </menu>
  13. shibaraku omachikudasai = wait a moment please
  14. The FTP and HyperSync are both down for what I assume is a "cleansing"!
  15. Hey mate! On that point exactly. I've been adding a ton of new systems here and soem overlap with existing video materials, but what I would like to do is start recording for systems that aren't currently supported. How do I go about doing that in an automated fashion and what settings/ equipment are needed? Is there a guide I could follow or a detailed explanation of what you do to ready these materials. I'd like to help if you'll allow me to.
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