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Should I get this cab?


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Hello mighty cab builders!

To start with I'm not a big cab player. Finland never seem to have been a big arcade country so I haven't even heard about most of the MAME games everyone is talking about.

I have built two HS systems so far, one inside a NES box with 4 different kinds of controllers and one generic computer case with some PS3 controllers.

Recently I saw some old arcade cabs in a bar nearby and they just looked so awesome I started thinking of getting one myself.

First I started looking for company's selling used and scrap cabs to get into the hobby right away. But I didn't get any answers form the companies and all the working cabs where around 1000€ upwards.

So I started looking at building my own, the Koenigs Project MAME looked pretty easy to build and I know my way around woodworking and some basic electronics.

But today I got an e-mail from one company selling this Xion Ba Jamma cab that isn't working properly, the picture goes away after a while. They're asking 200€ for it. It looks to be in pretty good condition as far as I can see? Maybe you guys see it differently?

So my question is: Should I get this cab instead of building one myself? (I might end up building one anyways at some point)

What do I need to do to the cab to run HS on it? What parts do I need to get?

What can I reuse from that cab if anything? And is the price right or too high?

They had some weird looking chinese Bingo Pinball cabs that they where practically give away for free...maybe it would be possible to rebuild one of those as virtual pinball cab as well.

Here's a picture of the Xion Ba cab:


and one of the weird looking bingo pinball: (looks more like a childrens game)


So what do you think? I'm grateful for any input that could be helpful!

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I got it for 150€!

Picking it up tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what I can make of this. As I said, I have no experience with arcades or cabs so I'm kind of in the woods with this one :)

I will probably start a conversion thread when I get it.

Is it a common monitor problem if the picture dies after a while? I have no idea where to begin. Maybe post a bunch of pictures and maybe someone can help me identify what i have bought.

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