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Installing an LG m2900 stretch monitor....


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I have 2 new LG M2900-BS

I have bought 2 pieces but went in bankrupcy with my shop. I made an auction for the furnitures and office-equipment I could'nt use my self and Displays did nobody want.

People was interested for reasons I cant see but did'nt like the fact that it is only a little over HD (if you translate it to a 16:9 ratio) instead of full HD, so I guess they wanted to use it as cinema displays.

Funny side note is that I found to the MAME-hobby buy researching the web for plattforms where peoole could be interested in that public displays. :D

I love the idea of the active LCD Display and wanted to keep one of them but in my current situation I just need every buck I can earn so thy have to go.

Just make me offers but i cannot give them for something like 150bucks....after all they are new. I have paid 1300EURO a piece.

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