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  1. Your welcome. Now deliver hehe. Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk
  2. I have 2 U360's jusut waiting to be modded with leds and the like
  3. I already asked for that Pole Im thinking of making some oversized carts to hang from the wall in the games room
  4. Im really hoping to see that you include a big sliding button on top for the power and a giant volume wheel on the side
  5. Man..... The carts are going to take up a lot of space..... Im interested, was thinking of doing a giant working NES controller as a coffee table for the games room....
  6. Congrats dude. I have No doubt that you will get all the backing you need. Also, the people here, I think, would be more than happy to help you out if you need a hand software or firmware wise. I'm excited Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk
  7. Done. I told you I would pay $100 for it when you first mentioned it, and now I have. This Kind of work is essential to the hardware side of things moving forward. Love the work so far
  8. Nice work so far dude. High quality. I like it a lot. Reminds me that i should get back to finish mine
  9. i had the same thing. during the sync i was getting the error "invalid download detected" during videos . I checked the videos i already had for the system and discovered that they were read only. I unchecked the readonly box in their properties and then synced again. The problem was gone. THe next issue is that its downloading everything in SNES and NES regardless of what i already have. Ill work on that though, may be my issue again. lol
  10. Problem fixed Thankyou so very much Master Rain for the time taken from your busy schedule to Remote with me and fix the issue. Hopefully its the same for the others on here. I will let you post the details of the fix as per request. Thankyou again.
  11. Same result. I even tried giggling while i double clicked....
  12. Sorry was just updating the post. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with service pack 1 CPU is an i7-3770K 16gb ram checked and double checked net installation all latest windows updates. anything i missed? Im on the IRC channel if you want to chat there.
  13. Thankyou. Updated to I still have the same issue though. Shows in taskmanager for a few seconds, then gone. No error.log or debug.log are created so i canot post them.
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