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Control Panel Pic

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Very nice. I'll be rebuilding my CP soon too. Not looking forward to it (or to the ridiculous cost).

What did you do for your artwork? Who printed it and what material? It looks like direct artwork and not under lexan or anything?

EDIT: Are those RGB buttons? What brand and what controller did you go with?

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Hi Metalzoic


I bought some vector images from vectorstock.  Basically some different circuit board vectors and played about with them in Photoshop (emphasis on the played, I only know what about 3 of the functions in Photoshop actually does...)


Printing wise it's a little bit odd.  I got my printing done by a company called pixartprinting.  I had one printed as a glossy poster and one on vinyl.  The intention was to use the poster to see if it looked ok and then use the vinyl in the final panel.  However, I managed to drill a hole through my vinyl version...   


In the end I stuck the poster to some thin card and used that.  It is under clear acrylic so it looks nice and shiny in real life.  I can't really tell the difference from the vinyl now it's under the plastic.


Yes the buttons are RGB.  The joystick tops and trackball are too.  I got all of mine from Ultimarc and have been very happy with them.  


I've adjusted the brightness of all the colours in LEDBlinky so that they only just glow rather than shine out, it seemed more in keeping with the circuit board look of the panel.

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hi in process building 2 player bartop what buttons do i need?


i.e player 1 credit, player 2 credit, player 1 start, player 2 start, etc I have 18 buttons  in total


I making a 6 buttom player


i guess i would need esc button also and what else mainly for mame and n64?

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