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My First Arcade Cabinet!

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Thought I'd share my first ever arcade cabinet here. I'm a new member (hello everyone), and I'm on my way to completing my dream of having my own arcade machine, its nothing compared to the amazing projects I looked at on the site but I've learned a lot and hope to use this as a stepping stone for a future build.


Both sides cut!


1x2 runners I'm using for frame construction.



More framimg.




Things starting to take shape.


Starting to look like a arcade cabinet now. More or less a dry fit.


This is what will run everything taken out of my old PC

C2D 8600

4G Ram

ATI 4870 1g GFX

and I'm using an old set of Harman Kardon speakers for sound that I'll take apart and mount underneath on top along with the fans.

I actually had everything up and running tonight but didn't take pics definitely has the arcade feel! and works great. If all goes well tomorrow I'll work on the finishing touches and mounting everything inside properly.

I've spent the last couple weeks getting familiar with MAMEUI32 and Hyperspin and currently have it working with about 41 games in the list and growing!

I want to say right off how much I appreciate this site and the contributions (Emumovies as well) without them this wouldn't be half as cool.

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I may end up doing just that but I wanted to go the easy route the first time through. I have the skills to make my own panel since my other hobby is building simpits for flight simulation. If I would have made my own panel I could have ended up with a much smaller footprint. First time though, my next cabinet is going to be much nicer with the skills I've learned building this one.

I know the tankstick is fugly to say the least!

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I've made some more progress but still have a long way to go. Not a pretty build by any means but its functional. Best yet its meeting my main goals in terms of budget the only thing I had to purchase was the Tankstick and the MDF and 1x2s, everything else was lying around the garage. I've learned a lot already and I'm already brainstorming the next build!


Speakers and exhaust fans



Some creative mounting for the PC!


Had to add a pc of right angle to hold the GFX card steady.



Action shots!


HD mounted


PS mounted


Speaker contol panel mounted

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LOL I know I need to cut the vent holes bigger. I was trying to avoid cutting with a saber saw since my router isn't very nice. To be honest I need to strip the whole cab anyways to do all the finish work I've since skinned the backside, top and have a temp. marquee cover. When I do that I'll make the holes bigger but since I can play with it now I'm dragging my feet.....

As for the speakers they were an old set of Altec Lansing desktop PC speakers that I took apart. Surprisingly they pack pretty decent punch in terms of sound and the knobs for volume, treble and bass stick out through the top of the cabinet (functional and out of site). I'll take a few more pics and post them that show the progress I've made (not much lol).

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