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  1. That's nice, the artwork nice too. Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  2. That's some crazy skills and workmanship! Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  3. Another thing, I think that all older mame vertical games, themes, and videos came to less than 2GB's, so that kinda tells you what kind of power you gonna need..not much. I remember a setup where I had everything running off an 4GB thumb drive, including the OS. Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  4. Intel, AMD.. it don't matter. But what does matter is whether you going run more than 8 bit verticals, like some of the raidens, taito type X, any future 3D game or shmups. If you do choose to do that, a decent cpu and gpu is a must. I never used an APU or an haswell (both have gpu on die) in a mame setup before, so some one else might want to chime in on that. I don't think there will be a problem tho. Jeepguy/Sorph themes are nice. If you just gonna do older mame.. I did that before with just an older pentium 4 and on-board graphics.
  5. This nice, plus I'm a big fan of dual monitor setups. Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  6. Now if only I could get some decent pc engine scd themes for hyperspin, I have more than 130 cd, super cd, and arcade card cd's. For a long time the pc engine was my favorite console.
  7. Nice, but it looks like it may need more lower support. 420 at base, 820 at the cp. Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  8. This really nice! Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  9. That's nice! Sent from HTC One MAX via Tapatalk
  10. ok more stuff ..anything black is formica.. yeah i do a lot of formica.. This camera shot angle, makes the top part of the cab and monitor look taller but it's a regular wide screen 1920x1200 monitor. The cab is 55"(1.4 meters) at it's tallest ..about 24" at it's widest. Speakers I had laying around..
  11. Mounting 3 1/2" speakers when I finish the enclosures under each side of the horizontal monitor. Also a dual voice coil 10" down firing sub in the bottom.. soon. I'll Work on the cp when I finish everything else.
  12. Wow ,I'm moving like a snail on this.. but I put in an hour or two-- installed the front and back feet, the vertical monitor, and the coin door. I will work on the control panel next while I try to come up with a theme..
  13. I do my wood work in the basement of my other house where no one lives ..I went out of town for a few days last winter and the kitchen sink hot water pipe broke ..water damaged everything in the basement. It sucked but all is good now.
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