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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. I thought so on the speed buffy the screen shot looks like that box! Thanks again!


    Unfortunately a duplicate...


    BuggyBoy_v1.2_0465  (original version)

    SpeedBuggy_v1.1        (US re release)


    I'm going through the list now to confirm what we have. There is some artwork that I think needs to be redone. I'm going to flag it here. I hope noone thinks I'm being rude.




    Also, I think these may be duplicates, although for the Sierra games the differences are large enough that they may warrant inclusion.


    KickOff2_v1.07_0760         (512k version)

    KickOff216_v1.02_2191     (1mb enhanced version)


    PremierManager3_v1.0_AGA_2021   (Not "Deluxe", but has better graphics (AGA))

    PremierManager3Deluxe_v1.0_2889 ("Deluxe", but has worse graphics (ECS))




    KingsQuest_v1.1_1333     (Original)

    KingsQuestEnhanced_v1.1b_1436   (Enhanced remake)


    LeisureSuitLarry_v1.0_0349 (Original)

    LeisureSuitLarryEnhanced_v1.1  (Enhanced remake)


    SpaceQuest_v1.0 (Original)

    SpaceQuestEnhanced_v1.2_2222 (Enhanced remake)


    Sorry, this is getting long.


    This game is not in English, but there is an English version available. We should try to get it.




    This game is in the database, but we have artwork available from a version without the datadisk.





    CD32 game:




    By the way, does it matter if a wheel doesn't mention that it has a datadisk?




    This needs to be looked at; no version number or anything.



    but we do have artwork for the demo that could be reused.


    Swibble Dibble


    Possibly not WHDload installs:

    Pyramid, The Disk 1 of 2

    Quasar Wars Disk 1 of 2


    We have artwork, but it needs to be renamed:


    Treasure Trap.png


    In the list twice for some reason




    Sorry for this novel of a post, but I figured it is best to get everything down as I find it or else I'll forget. I also think we need to start play testing the foreign games to see if they a completable by an English only audience. That could potentially cut down the game list by quite an amount. Finally I spotted a lot of games that I know had versions on other platforms; not just Atari or Amstrad, but Nintendo, SEGA and even Arcade systems too. It may be worth looking through their wheels for duplicates.

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  2. I'll play them tonight to make sure, but as far as I can tell, title screen, teams and rosters.



    Well, it seems that between each release there were new features and improved AI and controls. I don't know if that's reason or not to keep them all, but I can't see anyone wanting to play the earlier ones when they have the latest version.


    I'm on the fence about this one. I don't mind either way. After all we have about 5 versions of Kick-Off 2.

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  3. Can you send it to me in pm or upload it to the vault? It will help a lot. :)



    When the database and wheels are done we will need to clean all the boxart and also make 3D versions. Alot of videos will need to be recorded as well. 


    It is difficult to make a plan, because we all have lives outside of HyperSpin that needs consideration, and we are not that many people who contributes, also if we work too much on it, it is easy to get burned out.


    I'm not sure if 3D boxes will be possible. Unless we invent them, which I'm not sure is the right thing to do...  I have very rarely, if ever, seen scans of the side artwork of Amiga boxes online.


    Maybe we could create side artwork by overlaying the wheelart over a side panel the same colour as the front of the box, but it wouldn't be authentic.

  4. Can you find out if these are indeed clones?



    MiniGolf_v1.0 (Rebranded version of the above for an Amiga bundle. Possibly. Didn't know hole in one had data disks so may be a different game, but the wheelart is the same.)

    OK, they are the same game, but the first one seems to have more content. It says +datadisk, but HOL makes no mention of a datadisk... I'll research further, but keep them both for the time being.

    Are these 2 different enough to keep both?



    ProjectXSE_v1.5_0927 (Updated version, but substantially different, worth keeping imho)

    In my opinion, yes. For 'historical' reasons as well as the fact there are differences. The special edition was released due to customer complaints about the difficulty of the original. Large parts were redesigned or removed, as well as you starting with a better ship. The SE is a lot easier and is significantly different.


    I estimate it to be less than a year. But of course, life is unpredictable :)

    I'm sure we can get it done quicker than that if we all work together. I already uploaded a hella lot of boxart, the wheels are on their way... What else needs to be done exactly? Perhaps if we draw up some sort of plan of attack it may motivate people more to join in?
  5. Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus.


    Just been going through the list to get my eye in before I get started again. Found a few duplicates.










    GrahamGoochWorldClassCricketSpecialEdition_v1.0  (This is a compilation of the above two)


    BattleForTheAshes_v1.0_2526     (Cut down version of GrahamGoochWorldClassCricket_v1.0)

    BrianLarasCricket_v1.0_1225       (Rebranded version of GrahamGoochWorldClassCricket_v1.0)



    Italy1990WinnersEdition_v1.2_1610  (Updated version of the above)



    KickOff&ExtraTime_v1.1_2Disk_0189&0073  (Compilation)



    MiniGolf_v1.0 (Rebranded version of the above for an Amiga bundle. Possibly. Didn't know hole in one had data disks so may be a different game, but the wheelart is the same.)



    Populous&DataDisks_v1.1_0069&1217  (Compilation)



    ProjectXSE_v1.5_0927 (Updated version, but substantially different, worth keeping imho)



    SpaceCrusade&TheVoyageBeyond_v2.2_1535  (Compilation)












    StuntTrackRacer_v1.0_1142 (US version)



    Utopia&NewWorlds_1.2_0757&2576  (Compilation)




    WorldClassRugby95_v1.1  (All basically the same game, although this one is the latest and presumably "best" version.)



    Also, did I understand correctly that French games are being moved? How about German?



    KickOff2_v1.07_Fr (French?)


    Flaschbier_v1.0 (German?)

  6. I don't know why we have demos in the database, or why there are two of them, but there they are, so I made artwork for them based on the artwork already in the folder (which needs to be replaced). It's my opinion that demos shouldn't be in there unless there is a specific reason, otherwise we will end up with millions of them, but there you go.







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