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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Tomkun i would be tempted to do a full redraw on that as its a bit washed out, it wont take too long, if you want me to talk you through how i would do the redraw then let me know its quite straight forward, once you get the hang of the trace tool and the effects your laughing,


    Another top tip is to use group with previous in the layers options, this enables artwork on a different layer to be overlayed onto your original tracing.


    Sorry i assume you are using Photoshop?

    I'll gladly take any help or advice. I'm using Gimp rather than Photoshop, but I assume you can do similar things?


    I can add all the artwork I have. Literally hundreds, plus loads which I have already cleaned up.

  2. Of course, I will do. I hope you don't think I am being pedantic.


    I was also wondering, what about games that are in languages other than English? Are they to be kept? How about coverdisk games and the like?

  3. You are right. I will remove "Cadaver & Cadaver: The Payoff" from the list.

    Is that the normal way of doing it? I'd have thought it would make more sense to keep the compilation version, like the "Gold" or "Ultimate Edition" versions that you get on Steam with all the DLC.

    Although, I suppose "The Payoff" was a standalone game, so that may be a moot point.

  4. For the database, I assume we shouldn't have duplicates? I think that the "Alien Breed Story" disk may be included with the main game, in which case should it be deleted from the database? How about games like:



    Cadaver: The Payoff

    Cadaver & Cadaver: The Payoff.


    Shouldn't we just keep the compilation or the separate games, but not both?

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  5. I have my own sources, but abime has pretty much everything.


    I am very familiar with the Amiga and with other computers, but not consoles of the era. Most games had either an Atari or Tandy and sometimes PC equivalent, so they would be the first stop for a duplicate check. Abime will also tell you what other versions of games there were, so that's a start.


    As for checking whether the cover artwork is the same or not, I'd say between the four systems, 90% of the time the only difference was a small sticker saying what version it is.

  6. Perhaps I have misunderstood something here...  Don't all the systems have a list that shows what artwork is completed? Couldn't they just be shared so we can cross reference them? That way you don't need to share all the artwork and we don't have to sync it all.

  7. I think all the system's lists, if not the artwork itself, should be available to all contributors. It doesn't make sense to possibly have all these duplicates and waste time replicating them.


    You say you have a method to check for duplicates, but where is it? I know for example that the "Final Fight" artwork is replicated in MAME, but that's only because I checked myself. I don't have all the systems, so I can't check them all myself. I can't see any other areas of the vault, so I can't check there; do I need to check with you for every single one?

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