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  1. No, I don't use any sort of loader other than Hyperspin/RocketLauncher.


    I converted all my whd packs into hard drive files, so I can mount them from the command line and still be able to use quicksaves.


    BTW, is the version of the database on the vault "Amiga (preliminary)", the latest?

  2. Then it is official. Europe comes before USA on the Amiga :)


    Ok i'll try talk you through hot i did this one in Photoshop


    1 Cut out shape


    2 Applied gradient overlay and same angle (ish) as original, trying to pick up the separate colours as accurate as possible (this gives you a basic metallic effect and is quite simple)


    3 Added a gradient stoke effect to give the dark outline some highlights here and there


    4 Merged all layer together


    5 create new layer grouped to original and picked out all the nonlinear highlights  (this is done manually with the spray too set really low) By grouping the layer it only allows you to paint on the image so you don’t have to worry about it going everywhere


    6 Merged layers


    7 Made copy of layer and added stroke to beef up the thickness then added another gradient overlay in shades of blue grey green etc. all picked from the dark surround of the text (this is to make the outer part) I also tied up the rubbish round corners the stroke gives you)


    8 Put this layer behind the original layer 


    9 Merged all layers together


    10 cut out the horizontal sections of E A and H applied the same gradient effect and some manual shading 


    11 merged layers


    12 created last layer grouped to the main one this was to create the last of the bright reflection that layer over every other colour  this was done manually with spray tool again by grouping the layer the colour only goes on the actual image and not around any transparent area's


    13 resize and saved as a PNG 



    That’s pretty much how I do most of my wheels lots of layers and using the group layer tool and effects, very rarely do I have to do a lot of manual shading though this one required it 



    I think to the well the package you use must do layers, must do grouping or similar and must have a good set of effects in particular, Stroke, Gradient Overlay, and Emboss (helps with the 3D text stuff)




    Hope it helps in some way


    That's really great, thanks. I use Gimp rather than photoshop, but I'm sure I can use your advice.

    Then it is official. Europe comes before USA on the Amiga :)

    Nice one; I think you made the right call.

  3. I agree, the Amiga was far more popular in Europe, I wonder why they changed it Im pretty sure Formula one was well known in USA even back in 1992.


    If we go with US version, i'll end up creating an unofficial UK list .


    I'll leave it up to the Chiefs to decide heh heh


    I think most clones use part of the orignal name in some form its just the ones that dont get a bit confusing, Microprose Formula One ( uh i mean World circuit heh heh ) was one of my fave games so thats why i want to keep it, (GEOFF CRAMMOND !!  :bow: )

    Well, unless there is some extraordinarily good reason that we should go with the American names, I think I'll join you doing that unofficial list :thumbsup:

    But let's give them a chance to make up their minds before starting a rebellion!

  4. Just finishing uploading the last of 3,897 covers to the vault now.


    I'd say the majority of our games have a cover now, most have more than one. A lot even have back covers, too.


    I've put them all in folders matching the name in the database. It's likely I may have made mistakes, so watch out for that. I've uploaded another folder containing all the covers that I have that were not in the database. In case they are added at a later date. If you can't find a cover that you need, then check there first.


    I hope this helps out everyone and was worth the time I spent doing it!


    Good luck everyone!

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  5. SuperSkidmarks_v1.0_CD32 (although there was an Amiga version, this is not it.)


    Possible duplicate:







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  6. Duplicates:

















    Star Breaker name doesn't match the scheme.

  7. Are there any other differences than the name? Because according to the official database rules USA replaces Europe unless there are some certain conditions involved:


    "USA Region games - All games will be included.

    Europe Region games - All games that weren't released in the USA will be included. If a game isn't in English it will only be added if it can be played without too much hassle assuming you can't understand the native language. Having non-English text is fine as long as it's not too hard to figure things out.


    Clones and Regional variations - Clones aren't included unless they are significantly different from the parent game, same applies for games that are slightly modified for a release in a different region. Normally these games are only added when there are some noticeable changes like new main character sprites, new levels, a lot of different enemies. If the games only have minor changes then they aren't added. Example of added games are Probotector (European Contra with Robots instead of Humans) and Bugs Bunny and the Crazy Castle (Released as Mickey Mouse in Japan) for the Game Boy."






    The trouble is that the Amiga was far more popular in Europe and the UK than it was in the Americas, so perhaps an exception is warranted in this case. Most of the games were released primarily for the European market by European developers so an argument could be made that the European versions are the 'official' ones.


    I appreciate the need for these rules to exist, but they shouldn't be enforced in a nonsensical way; after all they are only guidelines. ;)

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  8. Liberation - Captive II Disk 1 of 5

    Disk 1 of 5? What's going on there? Also:

    Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 Disk 1 of 3

    I thought the idea of these WHDs was to avoid disk swapping? Are those the filenames from KillaGorilla?

  9. DefenderOfTheCrown2_v1.1_CD32 needs to be removed. It's a CD32 game.


    So does EmeraldMines_v1.0_CD.


    Also Flink_v2.4_CD32


    Guardian_v1.0_CD32 (although there was a version for the A1200, this isn't it)


    Duplicate games:



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