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  1. Can anyone tell me where I might find the Casual Emulator. I've been looking online for it everywhere but haven't had any success.
  2. Chicuelo's Wheel Design for HyperSpin Redesign 20130727 View File Good day friends I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely loved Chicuelo's vision for HyperSpin Redesign 20130727. In efforts to try and get this beautiful conception of an idea setup on my HyperSpin system, I searched and searched online for the remaining wheels and was unable to locate them. In my efforts of searching throughout the forum, I saw one link that lead me to his video on YouTube. There he provided his wheel template via drop box. After signing up for Dropbox and a bit of tinkering around using AutoKustom, I was able to use his provided template to create a multitude of system wheels. In this upload I will also provide a blank template so you can add or redesign any system to meet your fancy. I would like to personally thank Chicuelo for his vision and contributions to help make HyperSpin timeless and amazing. By all means all rights and credits go to him. I just wanted to share my efforts of trying to see his vision come to fruition. Enjoy my friends, and happy gaming! Submitter deejus679 Submitted 01/23/2017 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  3. mccorkled, thanks for the head's up! I've been struggling with this issue for a while. Glad to see that my google search finally pointed me to somewhere useful Mission accomplished! In regards to the exit emulator, I have my hotkey said up so I can hold select and press start twice to get out: D:1joy7&1joy8 Big thanks to Simply Austin this in his Tips and Tricks video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iugW-mbn2-U&t=5s Other than that, here are the setting I have set up in my Global Module Settings: Fullscreen=True AspectRation=16.9 PerGameMemoryCards=true noGUI=false fullboot=true HideConsole=true AutoCreateINIDir=Default I have no idea what setting was implemented to allow me to successfully exit the game- using a hotkey or otherwise, all I can contest to is that it works for me. Hope that helps, Cheers!
  4. That's great new! Thanks for the head's up. What I'm trying to do is restore what I had before the update so I have a working system, and then have another copy that I'm using for testing purposes. When everything's working with the "test setup" then I'll just go with that.
  5. I finally went there towards the end of the day yesterday and saw there were a lot people experiencing similar issues. I do have some potential solutions to work with. Hopefully I can get my setup back up and going before too long.
  6. If anyone out there is willing to help, please give me a shout. Thanks.
  7. Agent 47- Is there any way that you would please be willing to also send me a working copy of RocketLauncher prior to the recent update as well? I don't know exactly what files I need. I do know that I am struggling the following systems: NEC TurboGraphx 16- CD (RetroArch1.3.2) Panasonic 3DO (RetroArch1.3.2) SEGA CD (Fusion 364) SEGA SATURN (SSF_012_beta_R4 + Daemon Tools Pro 6.1.0) SONY PLAYSTATION (RetroArch 1.3.2) SONY PLAYSTATION 2 (pcsx2 1.4.0) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Definitely lesson learned. First thing I did was turn off the auto-updates. Now I just need to try and figure out how to restore what I had lost.
  9. Well at least there's hope. I thought I was going crazy. I've spent hours getting this thing up and going and only had a system or two left... the Atari 7800 is still beyond me. I've tried Mess, I've tried MAME, and several variations of MAME, but for whatever reason I can't get it launch any games. Diversion aside, the systems I am now struggling with include: NEC TurboGraphx 16- CD (RetroArch1.3.2) SEGA CD (Fusion 364) SEGA SATURN (SSF_012_beta_R4 + Daemon Tools Pro 6.1.0) SONY PLAYSTATION (RetroArch 1.3.2) SONY PLAYSTATION 2 (pcsx2 1.4.0) If it assists with the conversation at all, I am on Windows 10 Everything else seems to check out alright... so far.
  10. I, unfortunately didn't know it was a risk to update and now several of my systems have stopped working. Is there anyway to rollback the update? Can someone please tell me what my options are?
  11. I changed my version to 4.49 and the good news is that I no longer receive the syntax errors. The bad news is that I still can't get any games to load. It goes through the loading screen and gets to a 100%, but then it just shows an icon of Daemon Tools in my right hand corner. When I close out of it manually, it proceeds to launch SSF with just a black screen. Any further suggestions by chance? Update: I got it to work using a SCSI drive using DT 6.1 Pro. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  12. Missed that little detail... sorry about that... I'll give it a try and reach out if I have any further problems. Thanks again for your responses!
  13. I appreciate your quick response. I downgraded to 10.3 (DT Lite) and seem to be getting the same error message.
  14. Lucius_Bundy, I first want to say that I am new to the RocketLauncher, Hyperspin scene. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for this post, and it has been very insightful and informative. I noticed that you managed to get your Sega Saturn working in RL using Windows 10. I just wanted to ask you how you set it up? If you didn't use the virtual SCSI drive in Daemon Tools, how did you get around this so that you could get your games running? I get the following errors when I try to launch a game: -When trying to launch a game in RL (Mount switch syntax error) -After the launch was unsuccessful ("unmount" switch syntax error) Any help would be much appreciated.
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