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  1. sanchezmike01

    SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Sometimes things change with updates....I noticed this when I was testing the scummvm apk...I had like 4 different versions and each one had a different launch parameter
  2. sanchezmike01

    Hyperspin en android

    Ok ...u need to go into the search box and type android for all threads regarding hyperspin android....if u see all media but games wont launch then u need to edit the system ini files ... this will not work out the box from a PC setup...the ini fir android is the same as PC but certain things need to be edited for android compatibility.....just go to android thread and u will have sample ini files that u can use
  3. sanchezmike01

    Phillips cdi

    Yea mame works well with it...quite a few good games on there to be honest...its like 50/50 with the games that work and dont work based on the no intro set but the ones that work are pretty good...I want to start trying to do a pc98 setup since we have a core ....sonkun was supposed to be working that system but dont knkw how far he got
  4. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

    For future reference to avoid any retroarch headaches, I recommend to switching almost all directories to an area of the shield to u have access to...that includes overlays, saves, config,info file, controller remaps,....the only things that should stay default are the cores location and maybe the shaders location....reason behind it is u can manually edit any configs or manually add overlays per game via a batch or import ur own core info files if custom...if u chose to delete retroarch and start from scratch at least u have everything saved on hand and all u will need to do is downlaod a different version of retroarch and go back to directories and map them again to the custom locations
  5. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

    That yellow table is empty because I typed pick up food and all the food on the table was picked up
  6. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

    Ok...just got home from work..also tried kq3.....idk about a prompt but it booted str8 to the game....for this one u need a wireless keyboard that is recognized as a keyboard and not gamepad like my logitech k400...I can type and move with the keyboard shown in the pic...
  7. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

  8. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

    Welp....about an hour free to start working on a new wheel....smh....sucks when all I have is the roms...now time to make vidoes, wheels, themes, bezels, and bring it all together....shyt sucks when it's a hobby but an addiction at the same time...lmaooo
  9. sanchezmike01

    ScummVM on Shield TV

    Poppin in real quick while at work....I don't always check this unless I get a notification on my email from the phone but anyone can message me on fb...as far as this scummvm goes, for dat files a site was posted or u can downlaod the scummvm pc standalone emulator...those dat files come bundled with it...grab the files and delete the app don't have to install it.. also like stated above no need to import the games....id stay away from any mac versions of the games if possible stick with ps1, amiga, FM towns, dos...those usually work 100% fine....other than that it comes down to proper naming.. .u can name the game folder anything u want . .to know what it is I go with the name of the game ...scummvm file needs to be named the same also...now the text inside the scummvm file needs to be the official scummvm name assigned to it...this is easy 2 see by using the PC and simulating as if u were gonna import it .....lastly when it comes to the official names, for android u MUST leave certain tags off like -1,-usa,etc I've seen scummvm names with those and it will not load on android uniles u remove it ..for an example only...let's say on the PC u see the official name as comi-1 or comi-usa...for this to work on android u just write it as comi.....its basically trial and error but if u have any issues feel free to text me...now that it's getting warm , more ships will be coming which means I'll be pulling 70-80 hour work weeks so I have no choice but to slow up on emulation dramatically :-(
  10. sanchezmike01

    Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Looks great....by any chance where did u get the video bezel for the default theme?....that 1 looks a ton better than the one I got....also I'm attempting to compiling cores ....so far b4 bed last night I got ubuntu installed on my PC via virtualbox and installed a few apps that are needed...today will see how it goes as now I need to make an android folder in home directory and do the commands that are needed...hopefully it goes well so we can play those mame handhelds
  11. sanchezmike01

    Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I'd figure I'll give amiga one good crack at it b4 i move on to other systems but now getting frustrated as only cd32 seems to work...crazy thing is i had it working prior to the update...i even made 2 videos along time ago on aga and ecs and now i feel like a complete rookie as nothing I'm trying is getting the whdload fo boot with the bootloader