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  1. Yea the index file can have all the same info except core name...I think the 1st line is date then space then like a crc type number space then core name ending with zip.....the date and crc number can all be the same when editing the index file
  2. To split cores it's done on the PC using gsar.exe and a batch file....its not a str8 forward tutorial on retroarch forumns though because u need to know the official core name and when renaming I beleive it must have the same amount of characters as the original core....took a few tries b4 I successfully split fba core...then like thatman said it must be imported which is a gr8 tutorial but depending who is following it, it may get confusing as we all know not everyone is super proficient on android...as far as amiga goes, I gotta check on my stuff because I can launch the hdf on my phone with no issues but when I tried on the shield it crashed
  3. In retroarch forumns is the instructions to split a core and rename it to something else...basically for the purpose of using to of the same cores but with different properties so they dont clash...I did it for neogeo aes and mvs...same roms but different cores ...1 says insert coin and the other says press start
  4. Zerojay thanks bro for editing the apk....I can confirm that everything is working gr8 now and I can use retroarch64 for gamecube and any other core that works better than retroarch32...now it's time to just investigate what cores should be used in 64 and or 32 ...I've heard that ps1 works better with retroarch64 but haven't looked into it yet
  5. I did the hyperspin apk alter and it works BUT I went back to regualr hyperspin apk....reason is I have alot of split cores and a few customized cores that dont work on retroarch64....I didnt even check to see if retroarch64 has the same amount of cores but what I do know is that the regualr retroarch cores will not work on retroarch64.
  6. Any new updates on the tutorial or of we can use it together with retroarch32?
  7. I tried this method but get errors....I tried ransoms hdf files but I'm thinking like u said the hdf need to be made differently
  8. That would be impossible with just 1 or 2 cores for neo geo
  9. Also with split cores I can perfectly emulate systems with the same roms but different settings and bezels...such is the case with neo neo ...1 core is for aes then I split the core to run mvs and split it again for neogeox with the handheld bezel and split it a forth time for neo geo mini with yet a different bezel
  10. As far as cores go I usually keep a backup copy of cores because many times on updates core get broken....this was the case with daphne, atari800 and a few others.....I rerooted my shield so now I just keep copies and install them myself
  11. Also how do u resign an apk....I currently use retroarch 176 I think but would like to add all my current cores then make it an apk again but with all cores in there...that way i can move my setup around without any issues or redownlaoding of cores
  12. Awesome....would u like to leave a tutorial in case others wants to give it a go....I myself would like gamecube in retroarch but cant use it due to the cfg differences between the 2 apks....can u run both at the same time in hyperspin or no?
  13. Finally figured it out and fixed it...smh....took everyone's suggestions and went thru everything 1by1 line by line....2 bad images was the cause of the crash..these 2 images I will post would not open in android causing it to immediately crash....thanks everyone for the inputs and advice
  14. Sega genesis works with no issues...damn near the same names except they have (usa) tag and mega drive has (europe) at the end ....I may start this 1 literally from the bottom up to see what's going on...also uninstalled hyperspin and reinstalled from the playstore....I didnt deleted any files though which possibly I should have like obb folder contents for hyperspin....tomorrow I'll skip work and may have time 2 work on it
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