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  1. @pmindemann if u have questions just ask on here so u dont spend 2 hours trying to figure it out.....most ppl on here don't talk much but are pretty advanced in android....I myself don't talk much anymore but I've setup pretty much everything that is possible on android....now I just focus on vintage computers from the mame software list....fyi you can setup both neogeo mvs and aes easily with the proper themes....the main difference is mvs will show "insert coin" while the aes will show "press start"....the average person will never know the difference but the purist will 😆
  2. It be like that sometimes....sometimes it plays the swf themes other times it crashes......been like that since the 2015 shield.....its best to not use swf for android......thats one of the reasons I changed up my whole theme to a more universal setup...between swf themes and not every system having box art and cart art....I changed all my default themes to a metallic background with metallic wheels , the system title all changed to a metallic color and just the game wheels and game videos are showing
  3. That's understandable.....for myself, RetroArch is my #1 go to emulator for android...with a mixture of old and new cores I think its the best solution....sometimes newer cores breaks old features so I tend to keep copies of new and old cores for those reasons....as far as mame goes, RetroArch is the best on Android....as far as mess or old computers are concerned , mame 0.227 was the last and final version on Android that was pushed out....anything beyond that failed to compile with both mess and mame merged...as far as ps1 goes, have u tried with chds, bin and cue or other compressed formats....I use bin and cue and chds for multi disks to avoid swapping
  4. U can use the same launchbox files with hyperspin.....I did that before I decided on a different type of theme that is more universal with no box art
  5. My best guess is you can learn how to make a theme like hyperspin for launchbox....
  6. How do u get the trackball to work without the pointer appearing on the shield?
  7. Is there a compatibility list for games that work good on the shield ?...or is it hit or miss like gamecube
  8. Sometimes things change with updates....I noticed this when I was testing the scummvm apk...I had like 4 different versions and each one had a different launch parameter
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