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  1. Good day, Krakerman! I have a question for you regarding your setup with Display Fusion and your marquees. You stated that it required the use of RocketLauncher and a script you wrote to make it all happen. I'm trying to revamp my setup with just the classic arcade games I like and dumping all the console stuff I've collected for ages and never played. I'm trying to pair my setup down to the bare essentials, so that gameplay is at it's best. That means what I really want to run is HyperSpin, MAME, Display Fusion...and that's about it. My question for you is this...do you think it would be possible to split the screen of a second monitor and have MAME itself display the marquees properly in the assigned "virtual desktop"? For example...monitor #1 will be HyperSpin and gameplay, monitor #2 will be split horizontally into 2 "virtual desktops". Call them monitor #2.1 for the upper half and monitor #2.2 for the lower half. Do you think it's possible to assign MAME to display marquee images SPECIFICALLY to monitor #2.2 Any insight would be appreciated, and thank you. Craig - Atlanta, Ga.
  2. Hey mjLipa, Thank you for your kind words. I loved my arcade project, definitely a "labor of love". As for tips on the "advertisements"...most of the "sources" I used were just for inspiration. These were a few (I've attached pics of each): * I saw a bus stop bench that was created for the ABC show "Once Upon A Time", that was an advertisement for ENCOM. * In the original "TRON - (1982)", above "Flynn's Arcade"...there was a billboard that advertised "Home of Space Paranoids" * Inside "Flynn's Arcade", there was a notice posted for "Flynn's House Rules" I simply used an older program "Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006"; it gets the job done, nothing fancy. As for tips...it's hard to put a finger on that. I'm no expert in graphics, etc. I've just simply took my time, learned what works the best for me and be comfortable with it. But above all...inspiration. That's important. You can't "push" or "rush" an idea. If it doesn't come naturally, then it won't look or feel right.
  3. Wow...over a year to reply to you! I'm SO sorry for that. I just haven't checked the forums in a while. As for your question about blueprints of the cabinet, I don't have any. I purchased the cabinet from RecRoomMasters. The reason I got this cabinet is because I already owned an X-Arcade TankStick controller. This cabinet was made for that controller to fit in nicely. Mine was a 22" cabinet (which is no longer available). The closest version of the same cabinet is the 27" version: https://www.recroommasters.com/Premium_XL_Xtension_Arcade_Cabinet_p/rm-xt-arc-prem.htm Now, I had to "modify" the marquee portion to accommodate the 22" monitor after I removed it from it's housing.
  4. lildivaaa


  5. Hey look...all I'm asking for is cooler heads on this subject. No need to jab others here in this discussion. Yeah, it looks like RRM have made a big mistake in our eyes. The real villan, like in times past, is Upchurch. Slings and arrows in his general direction are perfectly fine, IMO.Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. I agree. Let's please give Rec Room the chance to respond about this. In all fairness, Rec Room may not have known all the facts about Upchurch before endorsing him. Rec Room may have very well been lied to just so Upchurch could increase his sales. That sounds a bit move believable to me.In any case...I know this subject is a very hot button with the emulator community. I think that Rec Room may understand the full picture now from everything we've all aired as grievances with Upchurch. Let's give them the fair opportunity to respond to the community. I know that Rec Room is a very bid supporter of the arcade/emulator community and would never do anything intentional to disrupt or harm our community. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. Yes...that is something I've thought myself. Chris Upchurch said to Rec Room Masters that he'd paid large legal fees to obtain the licensing for the games he provides with his drive. I'm calling BS on that, complete BS. He's providing EVERY game that EVERY current emulator supports. So...Mr. Upchurch, what you're saying is you've paid the licensing fees for EVERY SINGLE GAME, from Pong on up to the most modern games offered via emulators? Look, check him out for yourself. Goto YouTube and do a search for Home Arcade Systems. There, you will not find a company with an employee head count. It's just Mr. Upchurch, sitting in his home, cranking out copy after copy of 4TB hard drives with ROMs that he could not have possibly paid all the proper legal fees for, no matter what he may have told Rec Room Masters. If he's done so (stretch of the imagination, but ok) them Mr. Upchurch needs to provide the legal information that supports his claims. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you gigapig for your support and your additional information. Also...I emailed the owner of Rec Room Masters to inform him of this discussion and asked that he read it over for himself. Honestly, I don't think he understands what Mr. Upchurch is REALLY offering in the drives he sells. My hope is that once he reads this information that he will contact Mr. Upchurch and break the business arrangement they've made. Like you said...somewhere, sometime...someone will be made an example of after being caught selling game ROMs on drives like this...and I don't want to see innocent people/businesses get brought down in the wake of it. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. Hey All, Speaking from my own, personal experience...Rec Room Masters is a very reputable company and offer great solutions to the retro and modern arcade enthusiasts. I've personally met the owner of Rec Room Masters a few times (I live in Georgia, where Rec Room Masters is located...in fact, just a few miles away). He's a stand-up guy and will do anything to help you out. If there's every any problem or issue, he will personally make it right. That said...I'm not sure if Rec Room Masters "knows" what they're getting themselves into by partnering up with Home Arcade Systems. The guy who does this, Chris Upchurch, has been a thorn in the side of many in the HyperSpin/Retro arcade community for some time. And the one BIG beef I, and others, have with him is the way he sells his pre-configed hard drives. Don't get me wrong, if someone is out there creating a pre-configed SETUP for HyperSpin (keep that word in mind, SETUP)...that's all fine and well. The problem is Mr. Upchurch also included ALL the GAME ROMs need for every system he included in his hard drive builds. If he was simply selling a pre-configed SETUP, with setup meaning a ready-to-go configuration for HyperSpin, RocketLauncher, all the themes, wheels, videos, etc, etc....that's fine. BUT.....selling these drives WITH THE COPYRIGHTED GAMES ON BOARD AS WELL.....a MAJOR DON'T F#@%ING DO IT!!! Look...it's basically like this. HyperSpin is FREE, the emulators themselves are FREE (mostly noted as "for educational purposes only"), the game ROMs are LEGALLY not FREE (and yes, anyone in the emulator community knows how to get your hands on them if you really want them). The idea, since the creation of emulators has ALWAYS been.....keep the emulators and game ROMs separate. NEVER provide them together as a package on a hard drive or website. That, in itself, is just inviting trouble and a sure way to get the attention of certain copyright holders/law enforcement agencies. You NEVER see an emulator website offering direct links to game ROMs or even hinting at where to find them. By the same token, you NEVER see ROMs website offering direct links to emulators or even hinting at where to find those either. The fear is that the moment someone is caught selling/providing emulators and game ROMs together...that will be the beginning of the end of these wonderful FREE resources, like MAME or HyperSpin, we now so much take for granted. It's about protecting the emulator community, PERIOD. I'll leave you with this information. Just looking at one emulator, for this example MAME, they're website CLEARLY answers the LEGAL questions surrounding the inclusion of the game ROMs with these hard drives Mr. Upchurch is selling. Quotes directly from MAME's FAQ: How do I legally obtain ROMs or disk images to run on MAME?You have several options: You can obtain a license to them by purchasing one via a distributor or vendor who has proper authority to do so. You can download one of the ROM sets that have been released for free to the public for non-commerical use. You can purchase an actual arcade PCB, read the ROMs or disks yourself, and let MAME use that data. Beyond these options, you are on your own. Isn't copying ROMs a legal gray area?No, it's not. You are not permitted to make copies of software without the copyright owner's permission. This is a black & white issue. Can't game ROMs be considered abandonware?No. Even the companies that went under had their assets purchased by somebody, and that person is the copyright owner. What about those arcade cabinets on eBay that come with all the ROMs?If the seller does not have a proper license to include the ROMs with his system, he is not allowed to legally include any ROMs with his system. If he has purchased a license to the ROMs in your name from a distributor or vendor with legitimate licenses, then he is okay to include them with the cabinet. After signing an agreement, cabinet owners that include legitimate licensed ROMs may be permitted to include a version of MAME that runs those ROMs and nothing more. What about those guys who burn DVDs of ROMs for the price of the media?What they are doing is just as illegal as selling the ROMs outright. As long as somebody owns the copyright, making illegal copies is illegal, period. If someone went on the internet and started a business of selling cheap copies of the latest U2 album for the price of media, do you think they would get away with it? Even worse, a lot of these folks like to claim that they are helping the project. In fact, they only create more problems for the MAME team. We are not associated with these people in any way regardless of how "official" they may attempt to appear. You are only helping criminals make a profit through selling software they have no right to sell. Anybody using the MAME name and/or logo to sell such products is also in violation of the MAME trademark. But isn't there a special DMCA exemption that makes ROM copying legal?No, you have misread the exemptions. The exemption allows people to reverse engineer the copy protection or encryption in computer programs that are obsolete. The exemption simply means that figuring out how these obsolete programs worked is not illegal according to the DMCA. It does not have any effect on the legality of violating the copyright on computer programs, which is what you are doing if you make copies of ROMs. But isn't it OK to download and "try" ROMs for 24 hours?This is an urban legend that was made up by people who put ROMs up for download on their sites, in order to justify the fact that they were breaking the law. There is nothing like this in any copyright law. If I buy a cabinet with legitimate ROMs, can I set it up in a public place to make money?Absolutely not. Not only is it against the MAME license to use MAME for commercial purposes, but ROMs are typically only licensed for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  10. Well, for me...after getting beyond the actual, physical part of creating the cabinet...the hardest part was, in fact...now what? What exactly did I want this cabinet to say, to express, etc? I knew that I didn't want to go the route of jumbled up iconic characters, games company logos or something a bland as labeling it "my arcade". What I wanted was something that was not reflective of any one, specific game or genera of games...but rather the essence of classic arcade games themselves. I thought, what better way to express that...than to theme the cabinet around the arcade experience from my youth? With that in mind, I then blended that thought with my love for TRON and TRON: Legacy. In the story of both films was an arcade owned by one of the main characters called "FLYNN'S". BOOM...there it was! I then started researching everything I could for images related to the fictional arcade "FLYNN'S". I found concept art from TRON: Legacy that depicted "FLYNN'S" in it's abandoned, run-down state and also in it's digitized TRON-world state. That's what I did and my inspiration for it. In the end...really, it's all about what YOU want it to be. Stick to that, and you can't go wrong!
  11. No worries, alber_c. And yes, I'm actually using GigaPig's GLSL setting for an authentic CRT look and feel in the game field. I've had some issues in the past with HLSL doing the same things (I think my video hardware isn't up to the task). In any case, the GLSL settings I'm using get the job done for now and is very enjoyable. Now...on with enjoying some Galaga!
  12. I did have an Wells Garner arcade VGA CRT once and had the mind to use it in another project a few years ago. But things didn't work out at the time and I sold it. I've regretted that decision ever since. And when it came time to build this cabinet, it would only allow an LED monitor.Maybe someday I'll consider it again. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you im2xtreem for all those kind words! I am very proud of my build. The exterior is complete...but this will always be a work-in-progress, internally. I think my next will be a cocktail version!
  14. Took some time this evening to do a tiny bit of "dressing up" on Flynn's. You all know, below the joystick on the control panel there is a little disc. It's called a "dust washer"...basically to help keep dust and dirt out of the joystick's mechanisms. Well...since I'm using 4way/8way joysticks, I wanted to do something that would tell anyone playing on the cabinet how to change it from a 4way to an 8way, and vise versa. So, I disassembled the joysticks and removed the dust washers...then using 2" round Avery labels, I created "instructions"! BONUS - While I had the controller open, I took the opportunity to clean the trackball rollers inside. The trackball has been running an bit rough lately and movements a little jerky. Remember the first computer mouse and how it had a roller ball inside? And sometimes the mouse wouldn't function as well because dirt and gunk had gotten on the rollers inside. Well...same principle! After cleaning them up...everything's a smooth as glass!
  15. Oh...and also, used a piece of clear plexiglass in front of the marquee section...to give it the "feel" of a real backlit marquee. The top section is just the bare monitor. So with these two "looks", it helps preserve the illusion of two separate LED displays.
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