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  1. ok guys another question. I see a lot of pc psu's. Why not using one of these power outs of 12V for feeding ledwiz, ipac and all the other stuff? most still have other psu's for feeding the tools? if this psu is strong enough, you should expect it to be able to be used for everything... has this a reason why it's seperate??
  2. indeed can follow this idea... maybe it's a good idea if there is a solution that somebody has used that is not giving good results that those people give this feedback to prevent other people installing it wrongly?? giving budget ideas on each solution would indeed be helpfull too...
  3. +1 very good idea ;-) help on nudging tools and what could be best to use would be very usefull too...
  4. allright thought something was right, didn't know it was series ;-) problem is, they have ground in commen, so can't put them in series :-( damned :-D
  5. guys, another question on the electric side, testing my basic electric knowledge. I found me a psu that has seperate circuits... 1x +3.5V, 1x +5V, 4x +12V I can use 2x +12V for all in and outputs, leaving me 2x +12V. Now... if I put those in parallel on a terminal, should mean I also have +24V right?? Could be use for all other stuff that is using 24V? just to be sure this is correct ;-)
  6. ok thanks... does anybody know the difference in 'knock' between the 12V and the 24V contactors? or do both give the same sound more or less?? if sound is the same, I will be going for 12V all the way...
  7. OK so my thoughts were still OK, so only on a pinball knocker a 24V would be needed then. Are those available in 12V versions also?
  8. hey guys, maybe this will be a very stupid question, but do you use a 12VDC siemens contacor and switch it with 24VDC just to get a louder knock? no worries for burning it???
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