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  1. Tonycrew has been gone for a long time, I'm not sure the application even exists anymore, but someone in the community might have a copy...
  2. Do not leave messages regarding the gold member status or FTP access. Send a Private Message to BadBoyBill.

  3. Hi, how are you? I donated $25 to gold status yesterday morning but I havent had any reply yet. can you check my status for the ftp. thannks

  4. Hello my friend, i have donated 25$ for my update on status a Gold Member, but yet no reply and no update on my status or access to the ftp, please help-me, thanks...

  5. It was developed under VisualBasic .NET if I remember my talks with Tony about it. Very very easily recreated, in any .NET language though. At one point, it was going to be incorporated into HyperList but that idea was quickly scrapped due to being primarily for HyperSpin. The online HyperList database system still has remnants and pieces of the HyperPin database stuff.
  6. Sadly, Tony has been MIA for a long time, so it's highly doubtful. Forums show last activity of 9/29/2009.
  7. DAT's are all well and good, but it doesn't contain the much needed information on top of that (IE: Manufacturer, Year, etc).

    I need complete HyperSpin XML's to go alongside the DAT's...

  8. Lashek, see your PM

  9. Lashek, is ok ! I mail to Bad Boy Bill

    Thanks Lashek !


  10. Please contact BadBoyBill in reference to this. :)

  11. Come from Germany! saschav

  12. Hello, Lashek, I would like to transfer the 25 Doller than donate! but unfortunately, no paypal! and is the direct debit Sale safe? Had already started an experiment, but had then stopped! MFG saschav

  13. Hey, saw you're from Baltimore... Had to stop by and say hi! :)

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