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  1. The AHK's in question are there, they are just awaiting approval by djvj. During the site changes, the approval system broke so anything edited by one of us could not be re-approved. This has since been fixed, however. At the time of this writing, there are 130 AHK scripts waiting for approval, with lots of duplicates.
  2. Tonycrew has been gone for a long time, I'm not sure the application even exists anymore, but someone in the community might have a copy...
  3. Step 1: Save dir2xml.exe into your roms folder and run it. (Found in http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/downloads/dir2xml.zip ) Step 2: Upload XML to HyperList. Step 3: Download XML overtop existing database xml. Step 4: Profit.
  4. I do! My cabinet has no computer in it due to having to gut it to fix mine!
  5. Just compile an empty ahk file into an exe that closes itself when ran, set the system up as an exe system and I guess that could work? dunno.
  6. It's HyperSpin, not Hiperspin Also, the entire system is flash based with FLV, PNG, SWF files and XML / INI databases. As for the HyperSpin system itself, BadBoyBill is the creator, so he would ultimately have to comment on this, but I don't see an issue with attempting to create a linux version, but I doubt you'd be able to call it "HyperSpin", or anything remotely similar. What kind of programming experience / history do you have? Any sample work of prior projects?
  7. Do not leave messages regarding the gold member status or FTP access. Send a Private Message to BadBoyBill.

  8. Hi, how are you? I donated $25 to gold status yesterday morning but I havent had any reply yet. can you check my status for the ftp. thannks

  9. Lashek

    Linux version

    No one's trying to stereotype you as a "linux lover" at all. Personally, I love Linux more then I do Windows, but I primarily use Windows for my job as well as for gaming as Linux just isn't up to par for the games that I play, and Cedega/Wine/etc don't run at full speed on the games even on my rig. I'm sure many people are in the same spot for this reason. As for a Linux build, it's just NOT possible, until the commercial libraries and utilities used suddenly support Linux, which the developers have stated won't be happening any time soon.
  10. Hello my friend, i have donated 25$ for my update on status a Gold Member, but yet no reply and no update on my status or access to the ftp, please help-me, thanks...

  11. Yup. In MAME.ini (or any system's ini), change use_indexes to false. This forces the wheel into alphabetical. The indexes are for custom index points and list orders.
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