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  1. Brad offers a top-notch service to cab-builders. He's an asset to our community and his product is second to none. Deal with confidence! Thank you, Brad! As promised, here are some pics of the "final product" :
  2. Hey koolbrez, lovin' the new wheel art sets. Do you happen to have the templates posted anywhere? For either the 3D-Box Art, System Wheels or maybe both? Checked the FTP and didn't see them. They would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, I really appreciate you sharing the templates.

  4. no problem man, anything I do is for the community, I never mind sharing. My template is for photoshop CS3 PSD format. I could give you a blank png if you don't have photoshop.

    I also have the template for the wheel art if you wanted to make those too - which is actually waht the logo on the spine of the boxes is.

    I'll send them to you when I get home from work in a few hours.

  5. SophT, FANTASTIC job on the NES 3D box art!! Is there any chance you would mind sharing the template you made for them (hope this isn't a rude request, I know you worked hard on it)? I've found a few games that I'd like to include in my line-up that are in Japanese, translated, homebrew, etc. Things will look perfect if I can keep everything uniform.

  6. Excellent job on the 3D box art! Thanks for all your hard work. Can't wait for the media center release!!

  7. Thanks for reviewing my work it means a lot bro

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