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  1. MildAnti


  2. Few more pics of the back box, had to make a custom H trim out of some J trim, painted plexiglass, temporarily speaker cover placements just waiting on some more parts to finish it up
  3. starting to look like a pinball machine again
  4. little update my favorite part so far is the modded coin door button
  5. Just showing you what i did with my old tankstick to make my life a little easier. i just move a few buttons around because i need 2 extra for enter and exit and i didn't need 8 player buttons this is a older pic it has all new rgb led buttons in it now but there all the same
  6. Built myself a diy bench power supply 5v 12v tester so i can test LEDS and other thing installed new launch button in the old plunger hole, fits perfectly
  7. Decal for the coin door, my nickname is Campy so i tried to come close to the Bally logo Test print with my printer
  8. Thanks man, pretty much ready to print the decal when ever you are
  9. Got some parts in from Pinballlife
  10. I think i'm done with artwork, i really like how it came out wanted to go with a 90's some what horror them but kept it simple what do you guys think?
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