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  1. I'm sure there are a lot more people doing this that aren't as upfront as this guy... so naturally this doesn't come as a surprise. Even if people do report him and he gets shut down due to that or even if no one did, it would be just a matter of time the companies that actually own the rights to the games and original images etc... would shut him down. This kind of exposure is bad for everyone. Any who I enjoy all the creations made by everyone so a big Thanks! to those that take the time to create it.
  2. Thank you guys! now i only need to find them in the states
  3. @monkeychunkuk is there an actually name for those blocks on the packaging ? I can't seem to find them. What store did you get them from or did you get them off amazon ?
  4. @monkeychunkuk Nice build! Could you tell me the name of those white mounting blocks you used ? did make them or purchase them ? if you purchased them where did you get them? I like that they are small and fairly discreet. Thanks!
  5. He does awesome work! Highly recommend
  6. There isn't any media that exist for future pinball on HyperBase, so HyperSync's feed back is correct. Any users experiencing this for any system go to HyperApps tab above then click the link for hyperbase to see if any media exist for the system you're trying to sync.
  7. I did notice that with polldaddy too that's why I suggested breaking down all request into three ten question polls allowing the ability for everyone to place multiple votes because I'm not sure you can vote more than once on a single poll
  8. @ghutch92 May I suggest, although I've never used it personally, but have seen it use on many forums and blogs the use of polldaddy ? it's a poll creator. I thought this might be usefull for people to vote as oppose to you having to constantly update and edit your first post to reflect what people really would like to see implemented into HS 1.4. I don't know if a single poll would allow multiple votes, but may i also suggest categorizing feature request into let's say three polls allowing multiple votes.
  9. I have player 3 and 4 angled I personally don't think it's bad... I will say from aesthetic stand point angled looks way better for a quad panel, especially the way you've designed yours. Besides if you were to just do all players straight it would be crowded when playing multiplayer games IMO... by the way I love how the CP panel came out look's great.
  10. I really like the design of the CP... This is exactly how I should have done mine because I wanted to have pinball buttons on the side and having them on the outside of a quad panel is just way too wide.... are you planning on putting buttons on the side for pinball games ??
  11. Yup, that was exactly what I was trying to achieve, but no luck. I would wait though and see if anyone else has a fix for this just in case I am wrong, which I hope I am, but don't think I am.
  12. I think I've tried that before to try and work backwards and seeing if I could get two shifted options, but unfortunately it did not work. I believe it's just set to player 1 start. What did you want the second set of shifted keys to do ?
  13. I did too, even when you look at the documentation on the ultimarc site it says an Ipac4 can have two shifted keys, but then when you look elsewhere on the site it only shows that one can be enabled I tried getting things to work for day's, which is why i contacted the man himself Andy. A possible work around for you depending on what you were planning on having the other shifted key do is configure macros...
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