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  1. Nice to see development on the front-end.
  2. Out the gate my i7 Alienware Alpha was around $1000 so you're already cheaper than me. It's got a 2tb hard drive BUT only 5400rpm. Your speed, power, and graphics appear to better in every department with almost $200 saved... carry on.
  3. Imagine I've had at the minimum of twenty HyperSpin/HyperLaunch setups and tweaked trying to make things work and moved the HyperSpin root folder from one PC to the next and duplicated setups and updated HyperLaunches and RocketLaunches and what have you. Problems and headaches. Add in a NAS box with extra exceptions and permisions and blah. I one day just started simply at one folder and typed in "HyperSpin". Nobody's video just trial and error to start the HS application and built from there and... The best method I've found is to use three folders at the root of the drive. You need a HyperSpin folder, of course, which I use the latest beta and you also need a Utilities folder inside the HyperSpin folder for any HyperSpin 3rd party application like HyperTools or the HyperSpin Checker. The second folder you need is the RocketLauncher folder where I suggest you also create your Emulators folder inside of. With so much time spent getting them to work properly and revisioning, you wouldn't want to misplace a single file. Also I believe since the emulators read the games you want those closer to the os as you can get them. Also add a Utilities folder for HL as Xpadder is a pretty vital utility and sits logically there. Third folder is a Games folder. Useful in a setup like mine because I can store my smaller game collections here forever as my entire collection in only favorites and as such I can throw the whole nes, snes, etc collections on there with little space used as if they were just built in. The separation of the folders has benefited me from day one as I add wallpaper and other things to RocketLauncher and navigating through its own directory just makes sense and my files haven't ever been crossed. Also, I use two front ends with ease that way. I could play with three frontends with a folder structure like this as RL truly is its own entity. EmuMovies Videos, large games, and large game collections go on the big hard drive while everything else stays localized. To separate out your game collection from your setup, you'll need to change the directory for each emulator when your done with the move and then change the paths in RocketLauncherUI. Done. To separate out your videos you can do that in HyperHQ> Wheel Settings> systems_name> Video. The changes in HyperHQ and RocketLauncherUI can be done manually in the inis which I found was much much faster in this process. Lastly, a clean from scratch setup done the right is beautiful. Haven't touched it in.............
  4. Put the whole hyperspin folder on the ssd excluding the videos. Sounds like you don't want to do a fresh install but really, C:\HyperSpin & C:\RocketLauncher is a proper setup. For me emulators stay @ C:\RocketLauncher\Emulators because emulators stay with RocketLauncher at all times for many reasons. Suggest two folders and clean install as it refreshes the mind on how everything works together, cleans up minor glitches in the setup, and makes RocketLauncher easier to manually edit as it's a main folder. Do your thing, but with HyperSpin you will only be able to detach the videos which will save a good chunk of space though. Guess you could try and detach emulators cause they take a few gbs but for me they are just required files cause time spent trying to reconnect emulators isn't my thing for the amount of space it would save. Especially seeing how critical they are. End.
  5. Uploaded the PSP intro I've been using to the emumovies ftp. Not quite sure where I ever got it but it's a flv around 45mb. Hope this is kinda what you're looking for and my bad if I wasn't supposed to create a folder there. /Upload Here/_Not Approved/zero dreams
  6. Version 20121226


    Tomb Raider: Anniversary - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Tomb Raider: Anniversary" index="" image=""> <description>Tomb Raider: Anniversary</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Eidos Interactice</manufacturer> <year>2007</year> <genre>Action Adventure</genre> <rating>Teen</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  7. Version 20121226


    Halo: Combat Evolved - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Halo: Combat Evolved" index="" image=""> <description>Halo: Combat Evolved</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Bungie</manufacturer> <year>2003</year> <genre>First-Person Shooter</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  8. Version 20121226


    Left 4 Dead - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Left 4 Dead" index="" image=""> <description>Left 4 Dead</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Valve</manufacturer> <year>2008</year> <genre>First-Person Shooter / Survival Horror</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  9. Version 20121224


    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" index="" image=""> <description>Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Rockstar North</manufacturer> <year>2005</year> <genre>Open world, Action-adventure</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  10. Personally I think it's a great idea to have the ability to disable a game from within HyperSpin as the application run on databases and not so much existing games. Typically you would want to have an official database containing every game entry for that system or you would run into a custom db containing a segregated list to display only what you wanted. If HyperSpin could actually disable the game and add it into a disable games database, you would have two dbs for it to actively work from in the same fashion as the favorites database. <enabled>Yes</enabled> It's there and if only HS could actively use it, it would drastically change things imo. I could just turn on HS and start killing games I would never play from the frontend instead of a third party application which is much more satisfying. I disable the game and the value is enabled No and it's added to the Disabled database. Then if I disable Barbie on accident I'm able to enable it again if I scroll through the disabled games list and enable it again. This would probably take some work as another button would probably be needed and it would probably need the same menu thing as the favorties. Just some thoughts as that line above is there in almost every database and would be perfect for this imo.
  11. @ dark13 Yep, the pointer's got to be a standard definition image but it ain't that bad when I'm only using it for a simple overlay. I just made a floor with a top bar for default screens pointer and went with a info bar and top bar for the main menu to keep everything matching with Kodi and RCB. The pointers aren't "perfection" as they're not HD but they work perfect for their purpose and the fanart really overtakes the screen unless you were looking for flaws. The backgrounds works great if you use RCB and scrape for fanart and ensure these images are then batched to HS backgrounds standards (1024x768 pngs) but then we're right back where we started wishing HS was high definition so our backgrounds didn't look stretched and ewww. This is the closest I've ever seen to what RCB does in terms of display and it's not locked in from all directions like RCB either. You lose coverflow, HD, info, and correct proportion on the horizontal alignment but you gain a systems menu, customization, and it's already tied to all of our databases. I think we absolutely 100% think we need another layer to supplement my using the pointer for the floor image. Layer 1 just overlays everything on the screen except the video and info so a layer underneath that for wallpapers/fanarts would be most useful. I wouldn't mind requesting this layer if I didn't think it required a big change plus I don't want to get in the way of his progress with my little ideas. @ Trnzaddict Tried to upload some stuff to my folder but kept getting access denied so I said screw it. The time for fiddling with frontends and not playing games has come upon me. There is no fe that fits my solution but if you combine all three experiences then you have one good one...let the shunning commence. Kodi's Rom Browser Collection is by far the best solution in terms of scraping, art collecting, coverflow, and it's natively HD but lacks a visible system select which is almost a complete deal breaker for me. GameEx is HD has music, info, scraping, and other on screen list views to browse through games but the breaker is the usage of images for games in the same fashion as RCB. Both of these are HD and offer viable things like music and coverflow but it's all about purpose. I bought two Alienware Alphas, one i7 and one i3, and the first decision was what to put on there. First I put Kodi, then Rocketlauncher, then I chose HS because it could do what I wanted it to do which was be a better version of RCB. I don't like the shitty low definition backgrounds but HS as RCB gets me closer to day one before I knew what an emulator was and just played games. The Alphas just connect to the NAS wirelessly so I can just hook them up anywhere in the house and stream movies and games galore. I've got 360s on one and Dualshocks on the other. (Anyone want to know how to get Dualshocks to work on the Alpha just ask) The images below are how it looks now as I just wanna leave it open to whatever. I figure I'll just use special art on the bar on the main menu and I'll tidy up the scrolling text at some point. I'm not really serious into anything but my own personal setup. It's all about me now...me time. Yeah, it's gonna look real good with custom info.
  12. Thanks Dark, that worked perfectly My theme uses the pointer layer for the Nox floor which overlays the background images. Now that we have the horizontal wide option it looks fantastic and my theme looks exactly like RCB. With the backgrounds folder, sadly using SD images for backgrounds, it behaves the same too. All that's left really is coverflow effect on my boxart and layout all my infos. Theme with no background will use the backgrounds folder if the images are not flashed.
  13. Don't know the purpose of the Backgrounds folder as I've placed a few properly named images in there and they don't display when I scroll over the games. I assume this folder is for background images so I don't have to create thousands of themes to change the backgrounds but I've never used it before. Sorry if this has been asked before but all the Google links are broken. Guess I should also mention that I'm using the HS beta if that changes anything. For reference, this is the backgrounds folder I'm referring to: C:\HyperSpin\Media\Nintendo Entertainment System\Images\Backgrounds
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