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  1. Nice to see development on the front-end.
  2. Version 20121226


    Tomb Raider: Anniversary - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Tomb Raider: Anniversary" index="" image=""> <description>Tomb Raider: Anniversary</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Eidos Interactice</manufacturer> <year>2007</year> <genre>Action Adventure</genre> <rating>Teen</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  3. Version 20121226


    Halo: Combat Evolved - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Halo: Combat Evolved" index="" image=""> <description>Halo: Combat Evolved</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Bungie</manufacturer> <year>2003</year> <genre>First-Person Shooter</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  4. Version 20121226


    Left 4 Dead - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Left 4 Dead" index="" image=""> <description>Left 4 Dead</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Valve</manufacturer> <year>2008</year> <genre>First-Person Shooter / Survival Horror</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  5. Version 20121224


    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" index="" image=""> <description>Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Rockstar North</manufacturer> <year>2005</year> <genre>Open world, Action-adventure</genre> <rating>Mature (Not Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  6. Like I've said before, I appreciate everything you've done for me and will never forget it. HyperSpin needs your sense of forum etiquette and your many useful applications that go along with it. Whatever you're into now must surely be amazing but when your done, head on back to HyperSpin.


  7. My preference is the same in using Windows 7 x64 because it seems to be the "new" xp, in terms of bugs worked out and compatibility throughout all of the emulation aspects. Haven't had the opportunity to actually emulate some games on the Windows 8 os but I read somewhere that a couple emulators do get a speedup and that seems pretty worth a shot to me if I my core group of emulators runs. I plan on giving it a go @ tax time
  8. Well, I updated and I don't know what's been going on behind the scenes with HyperSync but I think mine is downloading too fast. I hope everyone is experiencing the same insane speed that I'm getting. Holy shit!! It syncs on first click now. It's one thing to create a phenomenal program but another to take the time and answer questions about it while still trying to make it better. I'm extremely happy with this version of HyperSync and imo it's perfect just the way it is. To Rain and everyone involved:
  9. Thank you very much!! I never would have thought to hit sync more than a couple times. It actually worked!!
  10. It is beautiful, plain and simple. My avatar definitely gives it that personal feel to it. With that layout it was extremely easy to configure everything. After I got it all setup, logged in, and looking lovely, I hit sync and got an "Internet Required" screen. I'm confused because it updated, logged in, went to HS & Emu websites, and it questions my connection??? I know this isn't a thread to post problems but I thought this may have a simple answer. If needs be I'll start a thread elsewhere. There's no ingratitude here. Just want to see what it can do.
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