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  1. uoYabause has been replaced by Yaba Sanshiro on Android. This is a very good Sega Saturn EMU with excellent compatibility. If you still have uoYabause as your EMU in your Hyperspin cfg you'll notice it no longer runs. http://www.uoyabause.org/blogs/46
  2. Actually, that's not true. My RetroArch system folder and cfg file are on my NAS and RetroArch writes and re-saves the cfg file regularly.
  3. That's exactly why my system folder was on my NAS, I want my roms on my NAS not my Shield. I guess a few systems can't deal with a NAS. What do you use to play Hyperspin DOS games?
  4. That's it, Amiga HDF will not work over a NAS, even with full public permissions. I just switched it over to the local folder and it works. That goes for Pouteur's method and bippym's method. Hope this saves someone else the hassle. Thanks guys.
  5. No I didn't, they are confirmed working HDF from the link bippy provided. I also have some from Pouteur that he confirms work.
  6. RType works fine and this is what I have for that, same path. kickstart_rom_file=/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/kick31.rom nr_floppies=1 floppy0=/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/amiga/adf/R-Type.adf
  7. I don't think so. That's my RetroArch system folder, I have it in my Hyperspin folder on my NAS for convenience so I can read/write to it from my PC without issues. In RetroArch, my system folder is defined as: /storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system
  8. HDF don't work. ADF do. I can't see why it's the WEstern Digital share, it's a Public share so every system has full read/write on it. Every other system works except Amiga.
  9. Nope, same prompt. To launch I browse to the UAE right?
  10. I followed all of these steps and Agony boots and gets to a prompt. Immediately after "All Rights Reserved" my cursor is to the right of a prompt "1>". Seems like it wants me to type something? BTW, this process is much better in my opinion, so much better if we can get it working.
  11. Well, I do have WHDLoad specified in each UAE, the paths point correctly to the files. kickstart_rom_file=/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/kick31.rom hardfile=read-write,32,1,2,512,/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/amiga/hdf/WHDLoad.hdf hardfile=read-write,32,1,2,512,/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/amiga/hdf/Aaargh.hdf My ADF's have: kickstart_rom_file=/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/kick31.rom nr_floppies=1 floppy0=/storage/MYBOOKLIVE/Hyperspin/RetroArch/system/amiga/adf/Airball.adf
  12. So that means you need multiple kick roms because certain games need different ones and somehow you need to figure out which need which kick rom because it needs to be specified in each UAE file? What's confusing about this is my amiga setup came from Pouteur's archive and he only has kick31.rom in there so I assumed that rom would launch all the games in his archive?
  13. In my system folder, I have kick31.rom. I also have my amiga folder in the system folder. Inside the system folder, I have an amiga folder. Inside the amiga folder I have 3 folders, adf, config and hdf. The adf and hdf folders have the roms. The config folder contains the uae files for each game. Each uae has "kickstart_rom_file=" which is the path to my kick31.rom file. The uae also has two "hardfile=" lines which point to the WHDLoad.hdf and the rom hdf. If the game is an adf it has a "floppy0=" line. Isn't that correct?
  14. My system folder path is custom and I did put the BIOS in there. In RetroArch, my System/BIOS folder is defined and I have confirmed that I have kick31.rom in that folder. Some games *seem* to work but most just go to that animated floppy disk screen. Example, Arabian Nights goes to a cracking groups intro (Crystal). If I press Start, I get a virtual Keyboard. "X" goes to some UAE config window. Nothing starts the game. Apache Flight does the same thing, goes to a Fairlight intro page.
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