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  1. I was repeatedly trying King's Quest III (kq3) and it no longer works for me with RA 1.7.2 (it worked with RA 1.7.1). I tried Space Quest I, Goldrush, Police Quest I, they all worked. No idea what has suddenly happened to this one game. Tried deleting the scummvm.ini, no luck. Very strange. Oh well, RetroArch's input fork breaks keyboard control for most of these games anyway so the standalone ScummVM app it is for now.
  2. I'm not even trying it in Hyperspin yet, just RA so it's not the .ini I may go back to an old core or just say forget it for now and play ScummVM through the app until this is fixed.
  3. Retroarch updated to 1.7.2 and ScummVM has stopped working. The instant I click to load the rom, it blinks back to my main Shield menu. Other cores work. Tried deleting and re-download the core. Also tried re-installing RA, neither work. I did notice I can still run games through the standalone ScummVM app and the keyboard even works. I like RA but it's a real pain sometimes.
  4. As soon as I press a key on my keyboard RetroArch text appears detecting it correctly as a Logitech K400 keyboard (not a gamepad). It still doesn't work though :/ if anyone has any Bluetooth keyboards that work in RA let me know
  5. Thanks Mike and everyone else for your help. I also have a Logitech K400 so I'm guessing that's my issue. I'll invest in a keyboard that works then!
  6. When you say all working, is this on the Shield? The keyboard doesn't work for some games I have tried even though my keyboard works fine in the Shield and in other games. Example: King's Quest III. You need to be able to type at the prompt for the Sierra AGI games. I can get the virtual keyboard to appear (not near as good as a physical one) but even that won't enter any text. I can click the phone-like buttons with the mouse cursor and they show as being pressed but no text.
  7. Just tested Curse of Monkey Island and it works for me. Same process as I described in my previous post. Let me know if I can help with anything.
  8. It did not work through Hyperspin, no. There's sometimes a theme of "Look what I got working, it's easy" and then minimal (or evasive) help on how to do it. thatman84, you find it frustrating because you're extremely helpful and don't understand why others are not I now got it working with the help of a tip from Pouteur. I still cannot add games into the RA core interface but it's not necessary to launch from Hyperspin (krater9 seems to have done it this way, not sure how, and why I was going down this path). The solution for me was to make sure the game name in the ScummVM.xml has a forward slash in it to tell Hyperspin to traverse into the subfolder for the game: <game name="sky/sky" index="" image=""> Then, in this "sky" subfolder, make sure you have a sky.scummvm with the single word "sky" in it along with the game files. Lastly, it's been posted before but this is my ScummVM.ini for Hyperspin: rompath=Roms/ScummVM/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=scummvm parameters=cores/scummvm_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders=false pcgame=false winstate=NORMAL hyperlaunch=true If anyone has any issues or questions let me know.
  9. This is the part that I'm talking about. Can you show me what you have in your scummvm.ini in your RA system folder? I assume that's why it's impossible to add games into the RAW scummvm core (as you say).
  10. I'm launching RA standalone, not from Hyperspin. I already have the latest version of RA (1.7.1) and the latest core (2.0.0). Maybe we're talking about different things. I can "Load Core" and "Load Content" to start a game. I'm talking about "Start Core". I get a ScummVM interface but can't browse to a folder to add my games to that interface. My understanding was that was what's needed in order for these games to launch from Hyperspin. My scummvm.ini is still completely blank in my RA system folder too.
  11. I have .scummvm files with the GameID in them. I have these files in both my ScummVM roms folder and the subfolder that contains the game. Example, in my roms folder I have a sky.scummvm file that contain the single word "sky" on the first line. This file is also in my roms/sky subfolder (along with the game roms files). The problem I have is this part: I launched into the game by browsing and loading the .scummvm file with retroarch I can't browse to anything. It defaults to the root folder and I can't move forward to my roms folder to choose the .scumm folder. Out of curiosity, what is in your scummvm.ini from your RA system folder?
  12. I'm starting by trying to get a game to load in RetroArch. I updated my ScummVM core to the latest. I load the core. When I start the core I get the black/green interface, but the default folder is the root folder (/) and I can browse from that to point to my roms folder because the root folder is not accessible on the Shield. I don't see any way to enter a path here either. So, I went to my RA System folder and found an empty scummvm.ini file. If I enter a path in here to my roms folder it just crashes RA as soon as I try to start the core in RA. I've tried many valid paths, it won't seem to work with any path. Anything in this file crashes RA. Any ideas?
  13. Now that we have a 0.139, what about a "diff" of added roms for each of these? They are all the cores available to us on Android using RetroArch. I've yet to find a resource where we can figure out which roms that were added at each of these intervals. MAME2000 = 0.37b5 MAME2003 = 0.78 MAME2010 = 0.139 MAME2014 = 0.157 MAME2016 = 0.174 MAME = current rom set (0.195?)
  14. I'm assuming there is no list of all the cores and the parameters for each anywhere? I saw some on a pinned post on this forum but it doesn't include all the MAME ones that RetroArch provides.
  15. There are various MAME cores in RetroArch, I believe this is correct? MAME2000 = 0.37b5 MAME2003 = 0.087 MAME2010 = 0.139 MAME2014 = 0.157 MAME = 0.170 MAME GIT = current rom set Does anyone know how to reference each of these cores in Hyperspin? Example, which core would be used with this syntax? exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/mame_libretro_android.so
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