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  1. also, the Vizio's that ive tried DONT remember the power setting once power is pulled, (which means you need a remote to turn on the TV everytime you boot it up) and also the 3 screens will sometimes re configure when one goes missing. insignia,toshiba,samsung and sony usually all remember the power state.
  2. 270.61 was THE standard, all tables ran perfect on that.. ive built 7-8 cabs on the driver with 560 and 560ti cards (one of the 2 you have to force the driver, but it works)
  3. ive ran insignia 1080p led 39s on the last 7-8 cabs I did, and they work great. great viewing from about every angle. I used there 24" tv for backglass, NOT as good as a viewing angle. I was interested in the new 40" they have too.
  4. I've done 3 cabs, I used the lapai amp, a pair of car audio 4" speakers, and a 8" sub. the power supply shipped with the amp usually isn't enough, it'll shut off during a lot of bass, but the last one was enough power, for some reason. It ran lanzar 4"s, and a sub, no problem. I've never split the sound up, but next build, I'm gonna play with it.
  5. I had a STD 1991 batman cabinet I fitted a insignia 39 LED, decased, it fit INSIDE the cab, with only 1/16th to spare...a true perfect fit. (insignia's auto power on like we pinball guys need) the backbox, I did a 15.9 acer lcd, and a 24" monitor problem I had with the 15.9 acer was viewing angles , the acer and hannspree/hannsg is that they have 50deg vertical viewing angles...if your not eye level, you cant see it good! I would duck my head down to see the DMD when I needed to. I've been looking for 15-17 widescreens with better than 50-60 deg viewing angles....about impossible
  6. here was my last setup, played all the HD tables I could throw at it. i5-3570, 4gb 1600mhz ram 1 560TI 1GB (both playfield and backglass) pin-dmd/real dmd 600 thermaltake PSU it doesn't take the latest and greatest to run visual pinball I used a I3/gtx 460 once, the HD tables had a LITTLE stutter, not bad though.
  7. do these support AUTO POWER ON, when power is re-applied? or do you have to use a remote or physically turn it on? i know sammys, toshibas,and insignias will auto power on when power is applied, a must for a pincab build thanks!
  8. Posting here for a Hypersync technical issue, as I may have went the wrong route and PM'd directly 2-3 days ago. 2 things: #1 i setup my hypersync on a test machine, then moved the HDD to its final destination machine, and now hypersync wont accept my login credintials. After reading the forums, it appears moving the HDD cause this issue, and my account needs "reset" on your end. #2. i'd like the coupon code to emumovies please (i read about the 25% discount for platinum members) thanks!
  9. guys, am i correct to say: with a 3 screen setup (playfeild,backglass,dmd) i need to use FS tables? or do i use SPANNED? under the cabinet downloads on vpforums?
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